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Holiday Greetings!

Today is 12/22/12

The day after the world was suppose to end. We all lived no surprise here lol!

Anyways with this week off there is just so much that is going on!

I am at my grandmothers house today not sure if we are doing Christmas or just visiting for the day.

Sunday I am going to my future grandmothers house for Christmas at her house with my boyfriend.

Monday we (my sisters and boyfriends that can) are going to my fathers house for Christmas.

Tuesday is Christmas at mothers and I guess grandmas from my stepfather and mom’s side are coming

Then I am planning to go to Wal-Mart and hit all the clearance racks! I love the day right after Christmas when

they have their Christmas sales. Most of their sales include all Christmas items or gifts are 50% off or more!

That is my favorite time of the year.

Saturday then we are going to my grandmother’s on my stepmothers side for our last Christmas I am sure of!


I love cooking Christmas cookies and such.

We did make over 4 dozen sugar cookies and Gingerbread cookies

nothing ever lasts too long here at home. between my brother and sisters.

Stale gingerbread cookies are great they taste like Gingersnaps and I am such a hog when it comes up to that lol!


Mosaic Photo puzzles are really  a pain in the rear Sad smile

Mom’s Snoopy Mosaic photo took a while.

Now she has brought home a mosaic John Deere tractor puzzle. These pictures are smaller than the Snoopy images…the light is inconvenient too it just adds so much glare.


I shall report back after the first few rounds of Christmas’s!!!



This game is a spin to win. You can spin as many times as it takes you to be a winner. You can win one prize each month! Here is how you can do it!

Go to : 

In the large orange box click on the third game listed: 1 mike

One you have clicked on the game you will be taken to a page like this:

2 mike

Spin until you get this message: Mike and Ike

When you get the winner message you will be asked to enter your birth month, day, and year. Then hit submit. Then you will have to go and fill out mailing address. Then go and click submit. Congratulations on winning! Remember if you do not win on the first spin you can keep on spinning until you win!

Kraftnest to its fullest

This week I have been super mega busy. I started a new job on Sunday so its been rather befuddling to me. Technically for us working if you start Sunday night it is called your Monday. Right now being a trainee is working on getting the processes down good. I had to learn a lot of things my first day. Timing of the placing of meat, cheese, and candy were key. But you also needed to take inconsideration that you need time to grab the product too. I think the cheese would have to be the hardest because it comes stacked and you need to break that stack in half and then place in the holes before it switches on you. I sometimes fall behind so I let a couple run by me and then place when I am most confident.

Other jobs you might have to do is harp (cut) the cheese. or you have to unwrap stacks of 5 pallet crackers and pick up flimsy trays of crackers to the rack and close it to flip over into the vibrator. I like harp better than crackers which is opposite of most employees.

The uniform is so much more complex then I would have to say a construction worker. I wear steel toe boots, jeans, T-shirt, sweater, smock, plastic apron, Nitrile gloves, safety goggles, and a hardhat. oh and your badge/ID.

Working here for the week has taught me a lot. my back at first started hurting in just the first hour but as time went on I got better so by 6 A.m.  my back was just a small twinge which was not as bad.  My feet the first couple nights were massively dead and sad by the end of the shift. I could not be more glad to get my steel toes off. your hands sometimes also get stiffened.

When I get home Ill either eat or sleep. Not much more because I am so tired when I get home. Typically I sleep anywhere from 6-8 hours maybe more if it is allowed. I end up taking pain killers and anti inflammatory. they help ease the pain, stiffness, and swelling that my feet and hands and back endure.

Overall I think this week is rather a successful. I got a new job and it is something that I think I can find myself doing for a while maybe even forever. We shall see…Also working makes it hard for me to be online because I sleep a lot and work a lot. Ill try updating as I can.

Super Savvy


As a Bzzagent, BiC has allowed me to try a new razor of theirs.

It is called Soleil Savvy. I already am a huge fan of the Soleil series and now I get to try out their new “replaceable head” and “disposable” razor.

I received this Campaign package on Saturday.

For this Bzz Campaign I have received the Razor package that comes with the handle and 4 replaceable razor heads. I love how the razor handle feels right at home in my hand and the pivoting of the head allowed for a really close shave that I personally have only gotten with the Bic Soleil brand. But this shave just felt a lot smoother than normal. I did not have bumps or irritation after the shave neither did I have to go back through because I missed a section. This razor did not even seem to get clumped up with hair either so I am giving them a really good rating in my book. Another good thing is that they come with the 4 replaceable heads so this just one razor for me is going to last a couple months!

Along with the razor package. I also have received a handful of coupons which I have already gone and talked to my 2 sisters, my mother, and even the mother that I babysit for. They are aware that I am a Bzzagent and that I received this razor free. They were also very excited to see such a high value dollar coupon ($3.00 Dollars off the Soleil Savvy Razor).The mother that I babysit for even went out that day and text me the same day that she only ended up paying about 3 dollars for hers after the coupon. She also did like the feel of the shave after she first used the razor. 

I am glad that I was able to spread more word this time through this campaign because during the summer no one wants to be stuck wearing just pants!

Smooth Moves


A few weeks ago I was selected as a BzzAgent to try out a new campaign.

This campaign allowed me to try Smooth ‘N Shine Keratin Power Semi-Permanent Tamer.

I just received the kit on Friday. But because I worry about my hair bleaching that I did almost a month ago would react. And because it is a new product I was working on reading into more of it.

I will try this product within the next week or two and then repost with my before and after images.

I hope that this product works as good as it states it can because I could use some really straight hair.

Not that I do not have it already just it is so frizzy and this states that it can rid itself from the frizz so I think that it will do real good with taming the frizz.

Winning Streak

This Month would have to mark a lot of winnings on my behalf.

I opened my email several times this week and have opened to them being winners in different contests and such.

So far in the Month of May I have won:

A Month Supply of Clif Bars from Clif Bars and Company. I was 1 of 5 selected the first week of their Epiphany Contest.

$25 Gift certificate to Red Envelope from Lindor’s Chocolate

$25 off a $50 purchase to Red Envelope from Lindor’s Chocolate

A Kings Cookbook from Wholly Guacamole

2- $1 coupon off of bag of Oberto Beef Jerky from Oberto

4- Oberto mp3’s from Oberto

1- Oberto Jerky Kalideoscope from Oberto

1- Oberto Jerky Frame from Oberto

4- mp3’s from Congara

40 mycokereward points from Subway BattleShip

everyday about the same time of the day I go to:

from here I click on each one of the links in the list and I either win or I don’t.

there are also a page of contests:

these use Rafflecopter for entries. perhaps one of the better ways I would have to say to enter the contests.

I love using Clair Freebies Blog for the latests freebies, giveaways, and coupons.

The Blog is kept up to date and I praise the time and work put into keeping them up.

I hope the blog sometime gets to see this Smile

First time doing one of these reviews. I am really excited for the chance to win one free game that you can download from Big Fish Games themselves.

If I won I would probably go with one of my classic favorites. I would go for most likely Bookworm Deluxe. It is a game that I can not just put down once I start playing it. Until I lose that is.

Anyways there are 5 more days left in the contest. A total of only 132 entries. So the chances are good!

Everyone get your chance at winning this giveaway by entering here:

just follow the Rafflecopter and get in your entries!

End of the Year

16 weeks later and it is the end of the semester.

I know for a fact I have 1 A in on of the 5 classes and possibly another 2 A’s

I may expect a C in my Biology class because im just so sick of take that class

maybe it had to do with the 10,000 miles I did back and forth between that class and home…

I am not sure but I am so glad I get to be done with school and now it is time to get working

on looking for a job. So far I have downloaded applications for Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Home Depot, and possibly I will get to apply to the library in the next town over.


for now I am just happy that I can relax for a little while and still look for these jobs. It makes me happy honestly to be getting another job and on top of babysitting I really hope to go and get an apartment in the fall.

yesterday marked 9 months with Stephen and I could not be happier!

Sexy, Timid, Elegant, Playful, Handsome, Eager, Nice

all words that can explain how I think of him Smile

I love him ^-^

The “boom” in the night

Well after trying to go to bed early last night I ended up going to sleep before eleven. Then being woken up at midnight to run to the restroom. Then I could not fall asleep for a little while. I was sleeping and then I hear this huge “Boom” the time was going on 2 am. I thought okay either there was a car accident or something else happened but it did not phase me really at all to go and check to see what had actually happened. 5:23 am rolled around and I got a text from my mother asking when I left and such for the day. I told her the time that I left and the time I got back. I did not really think much of it because it is a reoccuring thing with her weekly lol.

Well I walk down to get ready for the day and I see mom laying in on the men’s living room couch. So I go in there after my stepfather jumped into the shower because normally we are not allowed in that living room hence why he calls it the “men’s” living room. I go and talk to her. apparently the boom that I heard really was more then just a boom.

She had just gotten back from doing her clinical time and she was getting into the shower to wash down and get ready to go into bed. When she stepped in her footing slipped on a dab of conditioner that was left on the bottom of the tub and she ended up falling and breaking her knee and landing hard onto her left shoulder. I should have gotten up when I heard the crash. But I did not think much of it at all. Also apparently no one else heard her as well. So she told me she moved her knee back into place and tried to have some clothing on. Then she said she dragged herself over to the telephone out in the dining room. This was when she called an ambulance to show up and they took her to the hospital ER where she was told it was broken and she was not allowed to drive or go to work.

Now I don’t know what we are going to be able to do after this little stunt. because really I have little to money to my name and what I do have goes into my gas tank so that I can go to school. This worries me but I really hope that she can figure out something about how she is going to even do class. This is a class she really can not miss but I think that she is going to have to explain what happened to her teacher. Just makes it bad enough that it is her driving knee. Dominant leg breakage stinks. this may hurt her a lot for a while I hope for her speedy recovery really. Smile

Well this class is definitely different. I think that it is a nice class. I mean we do pretty awesome things even though so far we have just done  a lot of sitting in these stools that were made for the middle schooler’s XD so it was just a little on the short side and by the end of two hours my butt hurts so badly Smile with tongue out

Today we are going to be visiting out first artist studio. He is a metal artist and has a studio located in Dansville, NY. Jeff Swift does his work from an old school house building just on the outside of the town. I did not see much that I liked up on his website so maybe there just really is not much that we are going to be seeing. I really hope that it is a short class because after we visit there we can just go home. Which I really need a nap. Nap is good.

In class for a couple days we have been working very hard on our collages. I really have hopes that what I have done so far on it was good enough because I worked really hard on the collage and then she went and had us create a different layer with tissue paper. at first I was skeptical on what she was actually having us do because it was creating a big just block on top of the paper. But I cut out windows well hearts but to me because my heart is my home I created windows to let in everyone. Then I highlighted the hearts that I ended up cutting out in just a random color pencil and placed different words such as “family, friends, hope, and love” and then I highlighted what I over laid. I ended up having fun writing all the names of friends, family, and pets that I love/care about. This created a great filling effect. I found that there was a lot of negative white space. This allowed me to be creative. She had me go and do one of my random art line effects. In one way it was creepy but I really thought that it was fun to do because the contrast between the black and the white was awesome and it made the colored items really “POP”!

The next project I am hoping for something more like this style but art is art and Ill take it.

for a final project as a whole class we have to go and create this sculpture of sorts that revolves around the definition of virtue. I find that it is a very hard subject for me to even boil down just one definition to. I really have no definition of virtue. I really just gave up on trying to even think of one. I think that I was just overwhelmed at the work amount that we had accomplished in the time frame of class. But I am not sure really lol.

Hopefully I will do good in the class. because I think that it will be the class that I will enjoy doing at least I hope.