Dear Friends,

Almost two years ago it has been since we first met.
Wow time flys, and this makes me very excited
But there was a time tat I did not think that you guys liked to talk to me.
At that time I also did not know that ICQ did not work for you at school.
So now that I have QQ I am very much happy.
I seem to think that after twenty minutes you guys are sick of listening to me.
love teaching you how to properly express your feelings in proper
english. I hope that we can stay friends for a long time. I do however
dread that day in the future when we all become busy with our new
careers. I think that we would just be to busy to talk to each other
and then slowly forget who we are.
I hope to keep these long distant friendships alive and well between all of us.
Today I felt sad when I reliezed that I would not be able to talk to you guys everyday.
Today I was happy when I heard that I made you guys happy.
Tomorrow I will be a better friend then I was today.
I ❤ all of you and I hope you realize that.

When I was little i was told something that I thought was true until I grew up.
was that all friends all turn out to be the same, they will treat you
the same way you treat them. But I find this to be false as it is now
the future and I find that all friends does not matter where you are
treat you all differently.
My friends like me for who I am. they treat me with all different feelings.–> this makes me very very happy.

I sit here and write this blog for you today. I think about what I
could be doing with you guys if we just lived closer together instead
of living so far away meaning half way across the world.
I like to
imagine what we could do for fun, like watching movies, going to do
karaoke, playing games, going to festivals and every thing!

I think that one day we should meet when I get rich and brave enough to come out of my shell.

I figured that I would just let you know that I cared for you guys and I am telling you to show it to you.
❤ Sarah