Dear Friends of Mine,

Today I woke up around 9 am, I was
shocked to learn that I overslept because Ying said that she was going
to be online at 9 her time though.

–for the people reading
this and they do not know the time relationship between New York and
China. China is 13 Hours ahead of New York.

….Continuing my
thought this meant that she wanted to start talking to me an hour
before I had even gotten up. Then I was sad that I missed and messed
that up. But luckily she was still on when I got on. Yay!

Shiyong got on. I learned a while ago that their parents pick out their
Chinese names and they get to pick their English names. His is Dean. I
love that name, it is because back in middle school I liked a guy named
Dean, but that was then and this is now who cares lol.

Then when Ying had to get off we were telling jokes to each other.
–He had a really good one that stumped me:
What kind of table is in a field?
I thought a water table.
No. lol
it was a Vege"Table"
I thought omg!! that was so stupid it was funny!! Then I felt really stupid for not knowing it. lol!

Also today I did laundry, made my bed, did the dishes, some of my
chemistry homework, then I cried for no apparant reason~~really

Then I went to dinner I ate like a little piggy, I was really hungry and it filled me up!
Then as I was heading back to my room, I saw my friend she thought it
was funny to throw a snowball at me which is was because it was really
warm out so I picked one up and chased her into the dorms, then I threw
it at her in the elevator where I hit the buttons to go up and down and
I accidently hit the bell button which makes a little *BEEP*

So today was a really hyper day just over a stupid sport that starts
today Nascar racing. Today at 8 is the shootout. meaning the ranking
starts today ill be watching it with a few guy friends.
Then Online
before 10 pm for that is a little late I think for anyone specially my
friends to have to wait for me. Because I knew that they went to sleep
before they had the chance to over sleep to talk to me. Now they are
going to disappointed to get online and find that I am away.
But I love everyone and I think they love me back yay!!!!!
Thanks for reading this today
Im outta here
Sarah ❤