Its awkward when your sitting in a family resturant, with your family, today mine included a family of 5. My dad, his wife, my two sisters and myself. Well its Fathers day and today we all went to Friendly’s for breakfast. The Holistic went off about how the glare from the cars were bothering her so we closed the blinds, then she was silent but she continued to just stare the death stare around the table. It was great fun, I did all that I could to avoid looking at her. I mean I deliberately turned my body to the side so I could start counting the design patterns on the house across the street. Then the waiter 5 minutes after we ordered ( mind you we had to wait about 15 minutes to stare at the menu) I mean they had a small menu so it did not take long at all to figure out what you wanted. we sat around just doing nothing, we were absolutly silent, but it was like we couldnt talk because when one of us started talking either the radio seemed to get louder or the rents could not hear anything. So they got pissy and they didnt care about it. 30 minutes later ( thats way too long for a few eggs and toast to be made) we finally got our food, mine was far from done and the toast was very over done. There was no toast it was just a brick. The egg was not fully done so I just picked around it. Even then we barely spoke one word. So I just turned myself the other way and counted the floor tiles. I counted the one floor to be 17 by 20 tiles. So an overall total of 340 tiles I counted.

I saw the pain in my fathers face as we just sat there in solitude.

Solitude means otherwise we were isolated and even though we were all together it was terrible we just ate, then left. off to the flea market we went, where even though we were walking around and there was nothing that we could talk about. I think it all had to do with stuff from yesterday. I really think that it is insane that I cant even look my step mother of almost 11 years in the face without wanting to cry or punch it in. I really am not a violent person she just makes me that way.