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Hello world!

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Its Presidents Day?

today its just been one of those days. I get an email saying that windows live space is closing and so i had to move over to here. that would be 2 moves in under a year. First from Yahoo 360 to Windows Live Space and now to this place in hopes that I actually can get some viewers or something. I was at first very strong and empowered to write what was on my mind. The fact is when I write i write what is on the top of my brain there is no stopping until I am finished. I love to get my life just out in the public because from there I know that there are people to relate to. There just isnt anymore to add to this blog for the night, just saying that hey im new on here check my sorry butt out and see if you can relate a time or too. There seems to be the ever lasting love of some friends though that seem to be harder then what I really want it to be.

im ending here for the night before I start a rant lol.

Say Anything – A Walk Through Hell