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Random 37

1.)What is your favorite thing about yourself? My favorite thing about myself would have to be my hair and eyes but personality wise im funny witted.

2.) If there was one thing about your past that you could change, what would it be? meeting my current love sooner possibly back in highschool. :3

3.) What is the happiest moment in your life? The night he asked me out under the stars around the campfire I would have to say.

4.) What is your dream? meeting the guy of my dreams (check), getting married, settling down have up to 2 kids and a dog and kitty would be awesome dreams.

5.) If you could bring 5 people to a deserted island, who would you take and why? Mom-shes got the smarts of parenting, Dad-he is awesome at trouble shooting and fishing, Stephen-my lover no further explanation needed, hmmmm Neevah the 5 year old I babysit because shes full of life and rambunctious, Grim Reaper- make friends with him to start killing the dreaded ones.

6.) Have you ever been in love? Yes I thought I was with a previous relationship but with my current one I am so ever in love with him.

7.) Are you still in love? Yes, Yes I am in love still. Always will be and always want to be

8.) Do you want to kiss that person you love? Yes I do and I would love tooo right now but its going to have to wait til this weekend. 😡

9.) What if he was right behind you right now? I would honestly tackle him down into my bed and nuzzle into him smiling. and then probably kiss him until I got sleepy XDDD

10.) What if my real name was Frank? well…that name runs in my family so I don’t mind it?

11.) What if your real name was Frank? I would most likely be not be.

12.) Do you want to answer the next question? Yes I will ^-^

13.) Can you tell I am running out of questions to ask you? very

14.) What is your favorite animal? I love narwhals o-o

15.) What is your favorite color? Switches a lot lol I would love to say at the current moment it’s a dark blue.

16.) Who is your favorite teacher high school or college? Mrs. Mark from 9th grade english. ❤ her to death and she loves me still remembers me because she is my sisters FYE teacher XD

17.) If you could be one place anywhere in the world right now where would you be and why? Where ever my Stephen would be is where I love to be.

18.) Have you ever heard of that famous artist Stephen Andrew Morsch? no, but I know that he will be one day, I love his artwork even though he is a bad self critic.

19.) Did you know he is in love too? yes yes I did Open-mouthed smile

20.) Guess who it is? um a wild guess its me Smile with tongue out

21.) What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? My favorite ice cream flavor is plain soft vanilla

22.) Are my questions stupid yet? nopes

23.) Are you getting bored of them? no not really

24.) Are they annoying? you basically said the same thing 3 times hahaha…

25.) What do you have to say about your boyfriend who lives 5 minutes away from you? I love him, he is awesome, amazing, handsome, and kind and caring, talkative that I really love that he talks a lot because sometimes I have nothing to say but if he says something really random well it helps XD

26.) Do my questions suck? no they don’t Smile with tongue out

27.) Have I asked too many yet? I don’t think so >>

28.) Can I ask a few more? very possible Smile with tongue out

29.) Are you laughing yet? well yes I am because your so funny on the screen.

30.) What kind of house would you want to live in? something modest, nothing oversized, nothing that I cant afford, something that can be paid off before I’m dead. X’D, 2 story house or a 1 story house. I rather have a house one day even if I start out in an apartment.

31.) What do you see in your future? Happiness, a good job, a caring husband, and 2 wonderful kids ;3

32.) Who do you see in your future? Stephen Winking smile

33.) What is your favorite flavor of pie? Pizza pie count? I don’t really care for anything else

34.) Do you like extra cheese pizza? No…I love it Open-mouthed smile

35.) Do you like pacman? It is rather addicting I have to say Smile with tongue out

36.) What is your favorite video game ever? My favorite video game of all time hmmm would probably have to be Devil May Cry 3… Or Rockband 3

37.) What final comments might you have? I loved these questions, no I am not going to make a youtube video about them xDDD. Maybe if my friend comes up with some other questions. I would pair them together with yours. Like mash up the questions.


Smile with tongue out if you have any problems, questions, comments feel free to post them below Open-mouthed smile


Times 6 plus 3 to me isnt 18

The meaning to this title well. XD

I am currently taking 6 online classes this semester for a total of 18 credits. IF, I pass all of the classes I will only need 1 credit to be considered to graduate. But I still need to return back to school next spring because I need to take Calculus 2, Chemistry or Biology and more English?

But because I am taking online classes this semester, I was able to stay home, which means that I was able to keep my babysitting job. I have been watching them since I had turned 14. When I first started with the family. I had only 2 children to watch. They were the ages of 3 and 1. The baby was in diapers and the 3 year old was going through the “I hate clothes” phase. Soooo Cute Smile

I currently am 21-years-old. I still watch the same family. but now they have 3 beautiful children. Whom are now the ages of 5, 7, 9. <—They did the ages on purpose but I think it is so cool. Last year the couple after 10 years got married. On 5/15/10. yes they also did that on purpose. Little did they know that they got married on my sisters birthday. Well they are all girls. The oldest looks like her grandmother, the middle looks like a mixture of her mother and father, and the youngest has her father written all over her.

Mom likes to say its time to leave them and find another job. But honestly I would love to just continue watching them until the parents deem them old enough to stay home alone. Right now I would not consider them even close to being ready. I hope that I have like another 3-4 years with them? That is if I haven’t left the roost yet myself. But if I do end up leaving home Ill miss them but Ill be okay. Because Ill have the love of my life with me hopefully. In love 

So to say Times 6 plus 3 is not equal to 18 well its so true I’m not splitting myself into 18 pieces. More or less I have 4 main pieces. Classwork, Love, Work, Chores. I know I know I put love 2nd but I believe that school work needs to get done in order to accomplish a lifetime goal. I want to be the 2nd family member to graduate College. Open-mouthed smile Mother was the first one to graduate from high-school and college from her side of the family. So I want to continue and keep that going as long as I can possibly. Hopefully the economy is not completely shot when I am sending my children off to school themselves.

Well Keep posted! I will be posting again real soon about last Saturday’s Adventure to Frontier Field to watch the Red Wing’s Game!

I Love you all and any thoughts, comments, or questions feel free to post down below.

Honey Bee <—has more than one meaning but I love you Open-mouthed smile



I really have a lot to say lol.

So yesterday was Sunday, August 21st, 2011. Mother and I were just about to leave to go clean up the Naples Ambulance Base which she does normally by herself but I wanted to help her so she was not there all day. As we were getting into the van (I wanted to say car but its not a car technically its classified as a truck) I look into the front of the driveway and there is my father. Who knows exactly why he was there but eventually it opened up.

Originally I thought he was there because my sister needed her books ordered for College and he was the one who needed to do that. Well I was right in that part but there was more to his visit than what we originally had thought.

As mother, my two sisters and I sat down around dad at the dinner table it was silent. It was going from the back to the other side, my sister, my dad, mother, my other sister, and I. It was so silent that if someone across the street sneezed we could have heard it. Then my father started speaking and that is when the Bombshell was dropped.

He had moved into a new house without telling us. He told us that he wanted it to be a surprise and everything as well. Well the first sister blew up and stormed out of the house, my mother she decided that she was to speak for everyone, and my other sister put her head down and cried. I was utterly speechless really. I had nothing left to say to him.

The look on his face was sullen and sad looking. I knew that inside somewhere he felt that there was going to be crying sometime after he left. But that was not the end of it. My sister that stormed out on us came back inside and blew up at my mother. so on the side there was a fight there brewing and my other sister was just there crying like no tomorrow. I sat there just drawing. I drew to the point where mother and my father both told me to calm down the paper was not going to go anywhere.

Well then I just left I had enough really. Inside I wanted to tell him that todays encounter was the last time that I was going to see him for quite some time because well the house that he moved into was super smaller than what we were use to and the bedroom that my sisters and I would be sharing doesn’t even fit all of our beds… I mean I get the hint…So I decided then that I was done seeing him and his “princess” of a wife for quite some time.

One of the reasons he said he moved was because he was no longer able to walk upstairs. I mean a hip replacement would be a lot cheaper than buying a fucking house!!!

I mean sure the house is beautiful and such it has a lot of land, ponds and such. But that just is not the point. I knew something was fishy when my father and I were at the movies and a friend of his asked how the move was going. I was clueless but he sort of explained it then but told me not to tell anyone? But he told me it would have been years later not a few weeks later. So I got mad about that.

I left the house steaming mad and I sat in the van resting my foot because I have some odd feeling its broken from repetitive usage? I am not really sure anymore with the foot. It feels better when I am not putting any pressure on it. But when you’re a babysitter for 3 young kids its sort of hard to not be on it most of the day.

I watched for anyone coming out. Well mother came out and walked down to the end of the driveway where she and my father came and talked more privately but I watched them from the side view mirrors and I could see the look in my mothers eyes that she was yelling at my father. I then felt bad in a way that my mother was taking it out more on him than we were and we were his daughters not his ex.

Later that night I received an email saying that today was not how he had pictured it. He honestly didn’t think that we would react the way we did. Well I never responded back to him and I don’t think that I even ever will? I am old enough to decide when I am old enough not to see my father. I mean I would love to see him but I really do not want to see his wife. That is where I draw my line.


Anyways I am finished ranting for the evening. I love you all and leave comments below if you have any questions Open-mouthed smile

WOS on the loose.

Well the title explains it all. WOS some might say its short for Waste of Space, or wondering off soon. okay so the last one I just made up. lol. Honestly the only WOS we have here at home is my stepfather. He doesn’t know this but to my family, friends, and myself like to call him the WOS. The standing of WOS for him means Waste of Sperm.

When you first meet him. You’ll see his skinny complexion, stern blue but shaking eyes and super tanned skin. He honestly won’t look you directly in the eyes. Nor will he even say a single word to you. He will seem like a “nice” guy while you are around the first time. The second you leave that’s when the world gets flipped upside down. complains and yells about anything he can find time to talk about.

The second time and every time after that. He tends to open up and make sure that you know that he is “boss” of the house. He will act like a fucking asshole jerk face motherfucking bastard. (sorry for the lingo)…but its what he likes to be like. He will find anything to pick a fight about. You could glance over to him or you could have a hair out of place. And you would be doing it wrong.

Recently, like a month or so ago. I walked out of the bathroom still groggy from just waking up at 6:45 am. I didn’t have my glasses on and I bumped passed my stepfather and said, “Sorry.” over the day as time went on. I got several messages from my mother. She said that I had flipped him off, and that she got yelled at for it because I was being disrespectful and rude to him after all he has done for us.

Then this happened a second time and I wasn’t even home…I swear that man is on crack or a hallucinogen. I mean he has a degenerative nerve disease. That makes his eyes constantly shake. So who knows what all he sees anymore. I don’t trust it?

Suppose I should stop ranting but I won’t. Only because…he is having me pay rent, pay groceries. on top of myself already having to pay car insurance, cell phone, and gas to go places. I earn 400 dollars a month. Cell phone is 35, gas is 20, groceries I pitch 50 every month, and 25 for rent weekly. 400 dollars goes out very fast. So I tend to not pay the 25, but I pay all the rest. but you know its not like im worth shit to him anymore.

I remember some of the days we had….*holds breath* fun *lets it out* as a whole family. But then his son stopped coming around. And I never left the house…which apparently is my fault. I don’t see how it is my fault that I am going to college and Im working… Its not honestly any easier today. He likes to compare me to his life and how things use to be done.

Im sorry but this isnt the 70’s douche…Get over it…Or Ill help you.

I’ve already caught you humping the television, using cooking spray to masturbate, and I am pretty sure that I’ve found your entire stash of porn. You’re a sick man somedays man…

nuff said im done…sorry…

The Happenings

Life’s been rather crazy here since I last wrote anything lol…I completed my college year off with a 2.76 GPA at GCC which in my opinion a lot better than the 1.49 GPA I was carrying at Medaille… Yeah things were that harsh and I would just not have it.

Anyways back to this blurb…

May- finished the semester off and ended up having to come home and cleaning the house. not really much going on v.v.

June-A local town hero Devin Snyder she was an Army Specialist but was upgraded to Sergant after a roadside bomb hit her vehicle on June 4th. her and 3 other people were instantly killed. She came home just a few weeks later. I watched it and after I did I felt almost sick to see such a nice girl go. She was young. But she won’t be forgotten. Then the week after, June 20th, my great aunt karla passed away. I may have not been too close with her but I still went and I supported my Great uncle and cousin. They could use everyone’s supports. Had funeral service the following day it was nice and all. but the tears were spread evenly amongst us.

July-Argh this was a crazy month. I went to the midnight premier of the Harry Potter movie the night it came out. I enjoyed it. though I really missed not being able to text x’3. I was helping a friend out to the best of my ability. Over the weeks, I started talking to him more and more and I realized that previous feelings I passed up at the time need because I had a boyfriend. But things had been hitting a rather rough path since December, just I was really chicken shit about ending it because he had mentioned well…wanting to kill himself, and back when I wanted to end things it was just a part where I was afraid to because he had attacked his roommate and he threw stuff and he was very ragey. I just didn’t know how to end something like that. so I stupidly let things carry on. So this month I had the guts to just cut it off. It was just something I had to do.

I went to the Hemlock fair this year for the first time in a long time with my friend and “his family” lol we had a lot of fun. we watched after his little brother while he wondered and pondered through all the different buildings, we saw the animals from all sorts. Then we went played games together. By the end of the night we had won a stuffed puppy. Even though the guy ripped us off it took us 20 dollars to get that puppy but it was so cute x3 I cuddle up with it every night and it keeps me warm.

August- My feelings erupted back this time stronger than ever. I felt more alive and happier talking and being with my friend. He knows what its like to go through living like your at the low end of the totem pole. The we both have little brothers and well they are treated like the favorites in the house. ><’’ anyways I wont really get into that. I truly feel the love between us two. It’s the happiest feeling. I know im crazy but I know this is the real deal this time. I…well…im hoping that this is it. things this time is different and I can feel it. He makes me so happy, and knows how to make me smile, laugh and blush. He makes my heart flutter and stop at the most awesome times.  What I would do to make him mine. though I know he will be very soon :///3

Well I think my mind has finished ranting for the time being. Any questions feel free to leave a comment.