Life’s been rather crazy here since I last wrote anything lol…I completed my college year off with a 2.76 GPA at GCC which in my opinion a lot better than the 1.49 GPA I was carrying at Medaille… Yeah things were that harsh and I would just not have it.

Anyways back to this blurb…

May- finished the semester off and ended up having to come home and cleaning the house. not really much going on v.v.

June-A local town hero Devin Snyder she was an Army Specialist but was upgraded to Sergant after a roadside bomb hit her vehicle on June 4th. her and 3 other people were instantly killed. She came home just a few weeks later. I watched it and after I did I felt almost sick to see such a nice girl go. She was young. But she won’t be forgotten. Then the week after, June 20th, my great aunt karla passed away. I may have not been too close with her but I still went and I supported my Great uncle and cousin. They could use everyone’s supports. Had funeral service the following day it was nice and all. but the tears were spread evenly amongst us.

July-Argh this was a crazy month. I went to the midnight premier of the Harry Potter movie the night it came out. I enjoyed it. though I really missed not being able to text x’3. I was helping a friend out to the best of my ability. Over the weeks, I started talking to him more and more and I realized that previous feelings I passed up at the time need because I had a boyfriend. But things had been hitting a rather rough path since December, just I was really chicken shit about ending it because he had mentioned well…wanting to kill himself, and back when I wanted to end things it was just a part where I was afraid to because he had attacked his roommate and he threw stuff and he was very ragey. I just didn’t know how to end something like that. so I stupidly let things carry on. So this month I had the guts to just cut it off. It was just something I had to do.

I went to the Hemlock fair this year for the first time in a long time with my friend and “his family” lol we had a lot of fun. we watched after his little brother while he wondered and pondered through all the different buildings, we saw the animals from all sorts. Then we went played games together. By the end of the night we had won a stuffed puppy. Even though the guy ripped us off it took us 20 dollars to get that puppy but it was so cute x3 I cuddle up with it every night and it keeps me warm.

August- My feelings erupted back this time stronger than ever. I felt more alive and happier talking and being with my friend. He knows what its like to go through living like your at the low end of the totem pole. The we both have little brothers and well they are treated like the favorites in the house. ><’’ anyways I wont really get into that. I truly feel the love between us two. It’s the happiest feeling. I know im crazy but I know this is the real deal this time. I…well…im hoping that this is it. things this time is different and I can feel it. He makes me so happy, and knows how to make me smile, laugh and blush. He makes my heart flutter and stop at the most awesome times.  What I would do to make him mine. though I know he will be very soon :///3

Well I think my mind has finished ranting for the time being. Any questions feel free to leave a comment.