Well the title explains it all. WOS some might say its short for Waste of Space, or wondering off soon. okay so the last one I just made up. lol. Honestly the only WOS we have here at home is my stepfather. He doesn’t know this but to my family, friends, and myself like to call him the WOS. The standing of WOS for him means Waste of Sperm.

When you first meet him. You’ll see his skinny complexion, stern blue but shaking eyes and super tanned skin. He honestly won’t look you directly in the eyes. Nor will he even say a single word to you. He will seem like a “nice” guy while you are around the first time. The second you leave that’s when the world gets flipped upside down. complains and yells about anything he can find time to talk about.

The second time and every time after that. He tends to open up and make sure that you know that he is “boss” of the house. He will act like a fucking asshole jerk face motherfucking bastard. (sorry for the lingo)…but its what he likes to be like. He will find anything to pick a fight about. You could glance over to him or you could have a hair out of place. And you would be doing it wrong.

Recently, like a month or so ago. I walked out of the bathroom still groggy from just waking up at 6:45 am. I didn’t have my glasses on and I bumped passed my stepfather and said, “Sorry.” over the day as time went on. I got several messages from my mother. She said that I had flipped him off, and that she got yelled at for it because I was being disrespectful and rude to him after all he has done for us.

Then this happened a second time and I wasn’t even home…I swear that man is on crack or a hallucinogen. I mean he has a degenerative nerve disease. That makes his eyes constantly shake. So who knows what all he sees anymore. I don’t trust it?

Suppose I should stop ranting but I won’t. Only because…he is having me pay rent, pay groceries. on top of myself already having to pay car insurance, cell phone, and gas to go places. I earn 400 dollars a month. Cell phone is 35, gas is 20, groceries I pitch 50 every month, and 25 for rent weekly. 400 dollars goes out very fast. So I tend to not pay the 25, but I pay all the rest. but you know its not like im worth shit to him anymore.

I remember some of the days we had….*holds breath* fun *lets it out* as a whole family. But then his son stopped coming around. And I never left the house…which apparently is my fault. I don’t see how it is my fault that I am going to college and Im working… Its not honestly any easier today. He likes to compare me to his life and how things use to be done.

Im sorry but this isnt the 70’s douche…Get over it…Or Ill help you.

I’ve already caught you humping the television, using cooking spray to masturbate, and I am pretty sure that I’ve found your entire stash of porn. You’re a sick man somedays man…

nuff said im done…sorry…