I really have a lot to say lol.

So yesterday was Sunday, August 21st, 2011. Mother and I were just about to leave to go clean up the Naples Ambulance Base which she does normally by herself but I wanted to help her so she was not there all day. As we were getting into the van (I wanted to say car but its not a car technically its classified as a truck) I look into the front of the driveway and there is my father. Who knows exactly why he was there but eventually it opened up.

Originally I thought he was there because my sister needed her books ordered for College and he was the one who needed to do that. Well I was right in that part but there was more to his visit than what we originally had thought.

As mother, my two sisters and I sat down around dad at the dinner table it was silent. It was going from the back to the other side, my sister, my dad, mother, my other sister, and I. It was so silent that if someone across the street sneezed we could have heard it. Then my father started speaking and that is when the Bombshell was dropped.

He had moved into a new house without telling us. He told us that he wanted it to be a surprise and everything as well. Well the first sister blew up and stormed out of the house, my mother she decided that she was to speak for everyone, and my other sister put her head down and cried. I was utterly speechless really. I had nothing left to say to him.

The look on his face was sullen and sad looking. I knew that inside somewhere he felt that there was going to be crying sometime after he left. But that was not the end of it. My sister that stormed out on us came back inside and blew up at my mother. so on the side there was a fight there brewing and my other sister was just there crying like no tomorrow. I sat there just drawing. I drew to the point where mother and my father both told me to calm down the paper was not going to go anywhere.

Well then I just left I had enough really. Inside I wanted to tell him that todays encounter was the last time that I was going to see him for quite some time because well the house that he moved into was super smaller than what we were use to and the bedroom that my sisters and I would be sharing doesn’t even fit all of our beds… I mean I get the hint…So I decided then that I was done seeing him and his “princess” of a wife for quite some time.

One of the reasons he said he moved was because he was no longer able to walk upstairs. I mean a hip replacement would be a lot cheaper than buying a fucking house!!!

I mean sure the house is beautiful and such it has a lot of land, ponds and such. But that just is not the point. I knew something was fishy when my father and I were at the movies and a friend of his asked how the move was going. I was clueless but he sort of explained it then but told me not to tell anyone? But he told me it would have been years later not a few weeks later. So I got mad about that.

I left the house steaming mad and I sat in the van resting my foot because I have some odd feeling its broken from repetitive usage? I am not really sure anymore with the foot. It feels better when I am not putting any pressure on it. But when you’re a babysitter for 3 young kids its sort of hard to not be on it most of the day.

I watched for anyone coming out. Well mother came out and walked down to the end of the driveway where she and my father came and talked more privately but I watched them from the side view mirrors and I could see the look in my mothers eyes that she was yelling at my father. I then felt bad in a way that my mother was taking it out more on him than we were and we were his daughters not his ex.

Later that night I received an email saying that today was not how he had pictured it. He honestly didn’t think that we would react the way we did. Well I never responded back to him and I don’t think that I even ever will? I am old enough to decide when I am old enough not to see my father. I mean I would love to see him but I really do not want to see his wife. That is where I draw my line.


Anyways I am finished ranting for the evening. I love you all and leave comments below if you have any questions Open-mouthed smile