The meaning to this title well. XD

I am currently taking 6 online classes this semester for a total of 18 credits. IF, I pass all of the classes I will only need 1 credit to be considered to graduate. But I still need to return back to school next spring because I need to take Calculus 2, Chemistry or Biology and more English?

But because I am taking online classes this semester, I was able to stay home, which means that I was able to keep my babysitting job. I have been watching them since I had turned 14. When I first started with the family. I had only 2 children to watch. They were the ages of 3 and 1. The baby was in diapers and the 3 year old was going through the “I hate clothes” phase. Soooo Cute Smile

I currently am 21-years-old. I still watch the same family. but now they have 3 beautiful children. Whom are now the ages of 5, 7, 9. <—They did the ages on purpose but I think it is so cool. Last year the couple after 10 years got married. On 5/15/10. yes they also did that on purpose. Little did they know that they got married on my sisters birthday. Well they are all girls. The oldest looks like her grandmother, the middle looks like a mixture of her mother and father, and the youngest has her father written all over her.

Mom likes to say its time to leave them and find another job. But honestly I would love to just continue watching them until the parents deem them old enough to stay home alone. Right now I would not consider them even close to being ready. I hope that I have like another 3-4 years with them? That is if I haven’t left the roost yet myself. But if I do end up leaving home Ill miss them but Ill be okay. Because Ill have the love of my life with me hopefully. In love 

So to say Times 6 plus 3 is not equal to 18 well its so true I’m not splitting myself into 18 pieces. More or less I have 4 main pieces. Classwork, Love, Work, Chores. I know I know I put love 2nd but I believe that school work needs to get done in order to accomplish a lifetime goal. I want to be the 2nd family member to graduate College. Open-mouthed smile Mother was the first one to graduate from high-school and college from her side of the family. So I want to continue and keep that going as long as I can possibly. Hopefully the economy is not completely shot when I am sending my children off to school themselves.

Well Keep posted! I will be posting again real soon about last Saturday’s Adventure to Frontier Field to watch the Red Wing’s Game!

I Love you all and any thoughts, comments, or questions feel free to post down below.

Honey Bee <—has more than one meaning but I love you Open-mouthed smile