1.)What is your favorite thing about yourself? My favorite thing about myself would have to be my hair and eyes but personality wise im funny witted.

2.) If there was one thing about your past that you could change, what would it be? meeting my current love sooner possibly back in highschool. :3

3.) What is the happiest moment in your life? The night he asked me out under the stars around the campfire I would have to say.

4.) What is your dream? meeting the guy of my dreams (check), getting married, settling down have up to 2 kids and a dog and kitty would be awesome dreams.

5.) If you could bring 5 people to a deserted island, who would you take and why? Mom-shes got the smarts of parenting, Dad-he is awesome at trouble shooting and fishing, Stephen-my lover no further explanation needed, hmmmm Neevah the 5 year old I babysit because shes full of life and rambunctious, Grim Reaper- make friends with him to start killing the dreaded ones.

6.) Have you ever been in love? Yes I thought I was with a previous relationship but with my current one I am so ever in love with him.

7.) Are you still in love? Yes, Yes I am in love still. Always will be and always want to be

8.) Do you want to kiss that person you love? Yes I do and I would love tooo right now but its going to have to wait til this weekend. 😡

9.) What if he was right behind you right now? I would honestly tackle him down into my bed and nuzzle into him smiling. and then probably kiss him until I got sleepy XDDD

10.) What if my real name was Frank? well…that name runs in my family so I don’t mind it?

11.) What if your real name was Frank? I would most likely be not be.

12.) Do you want to answer the next question? Yes I will ^-^

13.) Can you tell I am running out of questions to ask you? very

14.) What is your favorite animal? I love narwhals o-o

15.) What is your favorite color? Switches a lot lol I would love to say at the current moment it’s a dark blue.

16.) Who is your favorite teacher high school or college? Mrs. Mark from 9th grade english. ❤ her to death and she loves me still remembers me because she is my sisters FYE teacher XD

17.) If you could be one place anywhere in the world right now where would you be and why? Where ever my Stephen would be is where I love to be.

18.) Have you ever heard of that famous artist Stephen Andrew Morsch? no, but I know that he will be one day, I love his artwork even though he is a bad self critic.

19.) Did you know he is in love too? yes yes I did Open-mouthed smile

20.) Guess who it is? um a wild guess its me Smile with tongue out

21.) What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? My favorite ice cream flavor is plain soft vanilla

22.) Are my questions stupid yet? nopes

23.) Are you getting bored of them? no not really

24.) Are they annoying? you basically said the same thing 3 times hahaha…

25.) What do you have to say about your boyfriend who lives 5 minutes away from you? I love him, he is awesome, amazing, handsome, and kind and caring, talkative that I really love that he talks a lot because sometimes I have nothing to say but if he says something really random well it helps XD

26.) Do my questions suck? no they don’t Smile with tongue out

27.) Have I asked too many yet? I don’t think so >>

28.) Can I ask a few more? very possible Smile with tongue out

29.) Are you laughing yet? well yes I am because your so funny on the screen.

30.) What kind of house would you want to live in? something modest, nothing oversized, nothing that I cant afford, something that can be paid off before I’m dead. X’D, 2 story house or a 1 story house. I rather have a house one day even if I start out in an apartment.

31.) What do you see in your future? Happiness, a good job, a caring husband, and 2 wonderful kids ;3

32.) Who do you see in your future? Stephen Winking smile

33.) What is your favorite flavor of pie? Pizza pie count? I don’t really care for anything else

34.) Do you like extra cheese pizza? No…I love it Open-mouthed smile

35.) Do you like pacman? It is rather addicting I have to say Smile with tongue out

36.) What is your favorite video game ever? My favorite video game of all time hmmm would probably have to be Devil May Cry 3… Or Rockband 3

37.) What final comments might you have? I loved these questions, no I am not going to make a youtube video about them xDDD. Maybe if my friend comes up with some other questions. I would pair them together with yours. Like mash up the questions.


Smile with tongue out if you have any problems, questions, comments feel free to post them below Open-mouthed smile