Went to my first concert yesterday, September 10th, 2011. It was part of the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR festival.  Held at the Darien Lakes Performing Arts Center. I needed to go to 2 concerts for my History of Rock and Roll class. So with my Boyfriends help of finding the concerts we bought tickets for the UPROAR fest. and the Foo fighters concert (later this month). We spent about 150 dollars a piece together on both of the tickets. We paid for Darien Lake park admission so we were actually able to go on a few rides. <—that was funny though.

He had never been on very many rides. So I took him on the Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel is considered one of the worlds Tallest wheels. He was rather nervous once we got to the top so he death gripped around me and I held his hand. lol Once the ride made one turn all the way around he felt better because it was a really gentle ride. So we ended up getting stopped almost at the top. That is when we took some pictures it was cool Smile 100_3663 

Then he decided that he was going to be smart and look down while we were stopped Smile with tongue out I thought that it was really cool because of the shadow the sun created through the wheel itself. 100_3667

After that we went and rode on something like a Parasol ride and it felt like we were going to hit either a tree or end up with his foot hitting the ride manager. The seatbelt was the most ridiculous thing ever. We ended up having to suck in and stop breathing to buckle it and then it did so we had such a fun time there.

We went on the bumper cars and that was fun. He tried for the whole time to catch me but I in the end ended up hitting him in the back while we were stopping. I had a lot of fun! 100_3671100_3672100_3673This was the most amazing lunch but also the most expensive I have ever paid for 2 large curly fries with cheese and 2 large cokes. <—21.10 for all that. But I suppose that is where they get their money a lot of the time though.

Then it was time to go wait to go inside so I snapped a shot of the tickets because we need proof for our class that we actually went. So I took pictures so many many pictures. I enjoyed about 98% of the day. The other 2% was divided up by 1.) Standing in line for over 45 mins to get Escape the Fate’s Autograph and I was 4th person in line and they shut the gate on a 12 year old up in the front. This made so many people mad. I bought their CD, and I also bought Stephen a Three Days Grace CD which he was lucky enough to actually get his autographed. But I still had a lot of fun. 2.) I was just too hot and I got cranky after having stood on my feet from 2-5 or longer. But we werent moving so it felt so much worse than it actually was. 3.) I had soaked my shirt so badly it was like a sweat shower and I felt/ looked so gross. XD

But I had such a great time getting to be there with Stephen :3

09101116370910111637a The bracelets were to let us in to get the autographs but once you got it you lost your bracelet they cut it off and threw it away. Nah… I kept mine because I didn’t get the autograph but I still like the band so I kept it.

I have not really mentioned anything about the lineup or anything so I will do that now.

First to start off was the winner of a local Battle of the Bands, that band was called Cry to the Blind and they sounded really really good live. Then there was Hell or Highwater, Black Tide, Sevendust, and Art of Dying. All pretty decent bands but they sound a lot better professionally altered and slabbed on a CD.

Then we got to go to the big stage and sit in our seats. Then Escape the Fate played all songs that I never even heard of until yesterday. But I guess that is what I get for losing touch with the band after their song, “Situations”. I loved a lot of their new songs though so its all good.

Escape the Fate

Then they did this “Miss Uproar” competition and it was so boringly disgusting XDDDDD…Ill leave it at that *cough dirty tramps cough cough*

Bullet for my Valentine was up next. They played 3 songs I knew, but I could only really tell you one of the names of the songs. Which was Your Betrayal and that was the song they opened up with.

They had an awesome banner. 100_3715

I also enjoyed a few of the songs they played but I did not enjoy watching someone’s butt the time I was sitting down. If I stood up though I could not even see. ._.’’’ I was just to short I was freaking just too short. Even on my tippy toes I was too short. Smile with tongue out

Bullet for my Valentine

After this band was Seether. I knew a few of their songs but not too many. but I did record one of my moms favorite songs for her. even though I missed a few seconds of the beginning. and that I didn’t too well get the whole song I just did a little bit of it. Oh well? Smile with tongue out 



After this band played there was Three Days Grace. I didn’t really get any pictures in of the band playing or anything. But Stephen did go an video tape the whole playing of the band. I thought it was a really good idea of theirs to take and re-sing in their own way one of Eminem’s songs and incorporate it into their own songs. It was about a 50 play time for their performance. They ended up playing 2 encore songs to take the time frame allotted up. Then…There was the band I waited all day to see!!!!!

Avenged Sevenfold!!!! Open-mouthed smile They opened with one of my favorite songs “Nightmare” even though it seemed that the camera really did not like us because it was not even finished with the song and it died on us for the night or at least that is what it felt like Smile with tongue out 



Their Stage was so freaking awesome!!!! It had their Bat Skull image they use in everything but it lit up and there was at different times flames coming from it in different areas. It was the most awesome stage I had seen. The light combinations were so cool too.


just a few of the different color schemes for their show. I tell you after they played Nightmare, and a couple other songs. The singer was talking about how they were all depressing sounding, and how it was time for a love song. They explained about the guy proposing and the girl denying etc…Stephen had a hunch it was that song I caught on after they said that the guy stabbed her and ripped out her heart. It was well at least to me my favorite song of theirs. It is called “A Little Piece of Heaven”. Such a good song. Having the crowd chant, “Eat it, Eat it” was so funny but we actually sort of knew that it may happen like that.

Such good song good animations.

This entry is just so long already I may as well just end it =3

I had just such an amazing time with Stephen and I am very Thankful that my Friend Kathy was able to drive us there. I actually paid for her admission into the park so she had something to do for the day while we were there from 12 til almost after 11:30. I just had a great time and I am so very happy that I was able to enjoy my first concert experience with Stephen Open-mouthed smile it was so fun ^_^