Well its November 5th, 2011 and I think that it is time that I update Smile

Went to another concert 2 weeks after the Uproar Concert. It was a Foo Fighters concert up at the First Niagara Center in Buffalo. This building use to be called the HSBC arena but since then was renamed. I had a really great time watching and listening to Mariachi el Bronx, Rise Against, and The Foo Fighters. I was more psyched to see Rise Against though then the rest of the bands. Our seating was a little on the nerve racking though. There just was like a knee high concrete wall that would protect us from falling into the next section that was below us. But from where we were sitting we had a direct view of the stage and I mean the whole stage. It was awesome. I purchased 2 matching Rise Against rubber bracelets. And then my boyfriend also bought a poster of the Foo Fighters. We ended up having to leave before the Foo Fighters were finished because they were going to play for 3 hours straight and we had to go to school the very next day. But I can tell you that it is not going to be the last concert that I ever went too. I had a lot of fun. Smile

320013_2303200531850_1004314187_2662304_1779163802_nThese were all people in the crowd.

Halloween I had my boyfriend over and we dressed up as in a way each other.

He fit in my dress perfectly and it filled out his figure almost too well lol.

He made the cutest girl ever with a mustache and such. I did his nails and I did his makeup even.100_4448100_4385100_4399

He on the other hand he drew on a mustache beard combo thingy. I also wore his jacket and my brothers hat to hide my hair. I find it funny how I turned out in the long run. But I did have fun dressing up like him. Smile



My sister dressed up like Cindy Lauper. She made her costume by hand and I think that it turned out really awesome rather creative I would have to say. My brother dressed up as the Scream for the 3rd year in a row but because he is so tall he pulls it off so so well. Smile


We all had a fun time carving pumpkins too Smile with tongue out


Let’s just say that Our pumpkins were odd together but we had fun and glad that the wind died down sort of because we were able to keep the candles lit throughout the night. I made the Kitty face and a few of the smiles. My boyfriend carved the Giant heart and the white pumpkin. My brother did the small pumpkin that was on the milk jug he did a good job Smile.



For our 3 month anniversary we plan on going to see Jack and Jill. Which is Adam Sandler’s newest movie coming out that is him playing as himself and his twin sister. Then we want to go to Applebee’s. They have amazing!!!!!!!! mozzarella Sticks and they are filling Smile for 6.99 you get 10 of them which around here is a good price for them. They are decently priced because at school you have to pay 3.75 for 5. Or at Arby’s you have to pay 4 dollars and you only get 4 small ones. so we both agree that the ones at Applebee’s were one of the best ones ever.

We also plan on watching Breaking Dawn and Happy Feet Two the same day. Which is the next weekend after that. I hope that we can go to that on the day we planned though Smile

I also have to go to an art gallery of sorts. And my teacher said that Corning Glass museum was alright even though he really would rather us to go to a bigger one. But because of where I live I explained to him and he told me that the Glass Museum was okay to go to. I have a bring 1 adult in for free postcard which is good on my part Smile because even with the admission I still get a lower price with my student ID.

So I have a really busy month ahead I would have to say. Also I will be joining my boyfriend and his family for Thanksgiving this year. And he will be going to my house for Christmas. And I am sort of hoping New Years as well.

Well I’m all done talking about what has happened and what is going to happen soon so Ill end here with a I love you my Boyfriend and I love anyone else that decides to read my blog.