Tomorrow is Christmas. Making tonight Christmas eve. I have had a very long last two days. Least I think so myself. Yesterday, I went to Stephen’s Grandmothers house for lunch and she had something to give me. I ended up leaving with a Walmart card, a mini cast iron skillet, snowman towels, candles and a notepad. Everything was so cute and suiting for me. I loved them all. I used the towels this morning. It was so soft and fluffy to the touch that I really wanted to just roll around in it like a kitty does when its comfy.

Then we left…at the end of her road headed into a 3 way intersection on a hill nonetheless the van decided that it was going to put put and then stall on me. On went the cautions and I told Stephen to get out and push. So that I could possibly get the van to the side of the road. I was so scared because it took me two times to get it to restart. Then I was afraid that it was going to do it again but I still had several other stops to make and I was about 40 minutes from home so that really doesn’t work well lol.

Well it acted completely fine until…I went to turn my third to last turn. It stalled I think a total of four times. Least I was at the intersection stop sign instead of out in the actual road. I just really wanted to get the van back to my mom. Which I did I was glad it didn’t stall on the road I was hoping it wouldn’t. Then moms friend sprayed the carbon buildup out of the intake valve and the van acted like it had absolutely no problems what so ever. So that was the craziness from the van.

Then I ended up spending the night over at Stephen’s where I ended up waking up to dog on my back coco and max are so cute and well behaved I at least think. some of the better mannered dogs I have seen in my life.

Today I drove back over to my moms house and then we took off to go have Christmas with my Grandma. She literally has no snow, she has lights but water got into the outlets and melted all the light fuses so no twinklys. She gave us a lot of popcorn and a lot of goodies. Looks yummy cant really wait to try some of it. But I decided not to at the current time being so that I had something to eat while I am at home.

Now Im sitting on my sisters bed writing this at my fathers house. Tomorrow morning we will be doing Christmas here and then going over to my other grandmas house for a huge family get together. Then Monday Ill go back to moms house and have Christmas there. Tuesday was suppose to go to my grandmas house but mom has to go intern so that got cancelled Weds there is a little get together with moms friend. by then I think that I will seriously be Christmased out for the year. Though I do wish that I could go have Christmas just once more with my Grandma that passed back in 2006.

I am really hoping for some videogames, Because I have beaten all of my video games and there is nothing else left for me to do except try to get all of the Trophies. I have beaten Rockband 3, and Uncharted 1, 2, and 3. So now I am hoping to get something to play. Stephen is also hopefully going to let me borrow Dragon age or something else to play lol.

I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday and to behaved!

I love you Zabby ❤