This was the first week of classes. Very long week lol and I only had 3 days worth of classes.

I am on the road for about 6 hours a week and 4 of them are just between Tuesday and Thursday.

I which I had a little bit more time to sleep then I actually do get to sleep but there really is not anything that I can do about. I aim to leave my house around 8-8:10 depends where I am having to drive too. If its Batavia well I like to get there early and that means I get to leave at 8. On Thursday I get to get up at 7. Leave at 8 get to school no later than 9:30 then at 5 at the latest I get to leave and drive to Lima and then I get to go home. Tonight I more then likely will not be making it home I will end up staying at Stephen’s Grandmothers house. The wind is whippy and its ice on the roads me no like at all.

I think that my Introduction to Digital Photography and Art Appreciation classes are going to be breeze except for traveling to the different areas. I hope that the van can actually handle it. General Biology 2 is going to be alright just not my best forte. I love being able to have the time to do all my homework. I am taking 5 classes and I am tutoring and I am also working. This boils down to driving, attending class, homework, work, sleeping, and when I have time eating.

Today was so stressful to start out with. I had just gotten home around 12:30 am from working, and I could not fall asleep until 1 am. This is when I went and was woken up around 6:30 by an odd buzzing noise and the loss of power. Something between the light fixture and the upstairs was tripping the circuit. We unplugged everything and it still was tripping so we just turned the switch off and it it stopped. Honestly I wish that I knew if the place was going to go down or not. I am hoping that it doesn’t but who knows anymore X’D

Then I had to get gas but I ended up losing my gas money that I was given between class and the parking lot so I could not get gas that I needed to keep the van over half tank. Which I really really try hard to do so it doesn’t eat the fuel like mad. But at the moment I am really hoping that I get paid here soon because my bank account needs it. I have 12 dollars and that is not going to cut it for gas for the week coming up. though I do get a personal day on Weds because the teacher needs to do something so I don’t have to get up that day at all yay!

My oil also needs to get changed but really do not have the money to get it changed. Ive got the filter and I had 1 quart but I was down rather low so I ended up having to use it this morning. After that and a 15 dollar fill up I was able to have a smooth ride to school which helped me relax a lot. Just was not able to get enough sleep for what I wanted lol. I am so glad I only have classes 4 days a week. Helps me a lot.

I have seen so many idiots today it was ridiculous! everyone left and right thinking that they could make the corners before I made it to them. but then they don’t keep their speed up. What’s the point of getting ahead of me? heck a semi truck did that to me today as well…I was trying to get around 2 semis when the second one decided that he wanted to pass the truck ahead of him so he cut of off in front of Pavilion School. So smart.

On the way to Lima the wind was horrendous and it was blowing the snow away which was good but the wind was pushing me 1 way and another it was just rather annoying. Then one time was stressful because the wind decided to change directions fast and it shifted the van over a little bit more than I wanted it to and it was in front of a sheriff I watched him turn the corner and pull into a gas station and turn around I was really hoping that he was not going to get me. But as time passed I saw that he was not after me so I started to relax. just in time for me to stress out again when the red light in Livonia decided to change to red while I was on a slight slope which is not good for me because the van does not like stopping for more then 30 seconds at a light otherwise I run into the problem of it may end up stalling on me. again another thing I need to get fixed on the van but that’s about 200 dollars I do not have at the moment.

I am really really hoping that I get something out of the first cut of checks because then I could get the part sooner than later and then that problem would be fixed and out of the way. that makes me happy if that problem went away. Then to get the oil changed would make the gas run smoother and better. Then I need the tires to stop giving me several different air readings. Morning they are at normal pressure rate then by after noon they look soft so I test them they are down 5 lbs. but then by the time I get home they are back to normal. So I am not sure if I need to get air in them or not. But its making me mad.

Guess I should really stop ranting about my week and my problems and get working on some homework before I go insane X’3. I love you all and my Honey Bee especially!