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The “boom” in the night

Well after trying to go to bed early last night I ended up going to sleep before eleven. Then being woken up at midnight to run to the restroom. Then I could not fall asleep for a little while. I was sleeping and then I hear this huge “Boom” the time was going on 2 am. I thought okay either there was a car accident or something else happened but it did not phase me really at all to go and check to see what had actually happened. 5:23 am rolled around and I got a text from my mother asking when I left and such for the day. I told her the time that I left and the time I got back. I did not really think much of it because it is a reoccuring thing with her weekly lol.

Well I walk down to get ready for the day and I see mom laying in on the men’s living room couch. So I go in there after my stepfather jumped into the shower because normally we are not allowed in that living room hence why he calls it the “men’s” living room. I go and talk to her. apparently the boom that I heard really was more then just a boom.

She had just gotten back from doing her clinical time and she was getting into the shower to wash down and get ready to go into bed. When she stepped in her footing slipped on a dab of conditioner that was left on the bottom of the tub and she ended up falling and breaking her knee and landing hard onto her left shoulder. I should have gotten up when I heard the crash. But I did not think much of it at all. Also apparently no one else heard her as well. So she told me she moved her knee back into place and tried to have some clothing on. Then she said she dragged herself over to the telephone out in the dining room. This was when she called an ambulance to show up and they took her to the hospital ER where she was told it was broken and she was not allowed to drive or go to work.

Now I don’t know what we are going to be able to do after this little stunt. because really I have little to money to my name and what I do have goes into my gas tank so that I can go to school. This worries me but I really hope that she can figure out something about how she is going to even do class. This is a class she really can not miss but I think that she is going to have to explain what happened to her teacher. Just makes it bad enough that it is her driving knee. Dominant leg breakage stinks. this may hurt her a lot for a while I hope for her speedy recovery really. Smile


Well this class is definitely different. I think that it is a nice class. I mean we do pretty awesome things even though so far we have just done  a lot of sitting in these stools that were made for the middle schooler’s XD so it was just a little on the short side and by the end of two hours my butt hurts so badly Smile with tongue out

Today we are going to be visiting out first artist studio. He is a metal artist and has a studio located in Dansville, NY. Jeff Swift does his work from an old school house building just on the outside of the town. I did not see much that I liked up on his website so maybe there just really is not much that we are going to be seeing. I really hope that it is a short class because after we visit there we can just go home. Which I really need a nap. Nap is good.

In class for a couple days we have been working very hard on our collages. I really have hopes that what I have done so far on it was good enough because I worked really hard on the collage and then she went and had us create a different layer with tissue paper. at first I was skeptical on what she was actually having us do because it was creating a big just block on top of the paper. But I cut out windows well hearts but to me because my heart is my home I created windows to let in everyone. Then I highlighted the hearts that I ended up cutting out in just a random color pencil and placed different words such as “family, friends, hope, and love” and then I highlighted what I over laid. I ended up having fun writing all the names of friends, family, and pets that I love/care about. This created a great filling effect. I found that there was a lot of negative white space. This allowed me to be creative. She had me go and do one of my random art line effects. In one way it was creepy but I really thought that it was fun to do because the contrast between the black and the white was awesome and it made the colored items really “POP”!

The next project I am hoping for something more like this style but art is art and Ill take it.

for a final project as a whole class we have to go and create this sculpture of sorts that revolves around the definition of virtue. I find that it is a very hard subject for me to even boil down just one definition to. I really have no definition of virtue. I really just gave up on trying to even think of one. I think that I was just overwhelmed at the work amount that we had accomplished in the time frame of class. But I am not sure really lol.

Hopefully I will do good in the class. because I think that it will be the class that I will enjoy doing at least I hope.

Taking this class really has its benefits but at the same time In find the class to be rather boring? It is so rather boing Smile with tongue out but I do learn some new stuff. I guess that is what I get when I have more then enough experience on the camera. But I do enjoy the teacher very much. Sometimes in my head I really hope that some class she could maybe suggest something a little more difficult for me to do in the class. The basics are just well just slow and I highly dislike the ability to look at them at such a basic level. But she has really great points. Open-mouthed smile

So far we had to choose 4 pictures and then do very basic editing to them. I went and I ended up doing a few more editing steps and hopefully she does not take off for that. I then went ahead and messed around with a few of the other pictures I have them but I do not have to turn them in.

I really do not like working in more then just a group with Stephen and myself. but I guess today I will be going and doing some portrait shots with a stronger light and we have to work in groups of 3 “sad face” im very antisocial in these classes I feel XD.

bad enough that we have to do critiques but oh well maybe by the end of the semester I wont be so uptight about talking about my art with other students. I mean it is only week 3 Open-mouthed smile only 12 more to go.

This up coming week I have to have taken different portrait images and then I get to edit them as well.