Taking this class really has its benefits but at the same time In find the class to be rather boring? It is so rather boing Smile with tongue out but I do learn some new stuff. I guess that is what I get when I have more then enough experience on the camera. But I do enjoy the teacher very much. Sometimes in my head I really hope that some class she could maybe suggest something a little more difficult for me to do in the class. The basics are just well just slow and I highly dislike the ability to look at them at such a basic level. But she has really great points. Open-mouthed smile

So far we had to choose 4 pictures and then do very basic editing to them. I went and I ended up doing a few more editing steps and hopefully she does not take off for that. I then went ahead and messed around with a few of the other pictures I have them but I do not have to turn them in.

I really do not like working in more then just a group with Stephen and myself. but I guess today I will be going and doing some portrait shots with a stronger light and we have to work in groups of 3 “sad face” im very antisocial in these classes I feel XD.

bad enough that we have to do critiques but oh well maybe by the end of the semester I wont be so uptight about talking about my art with other students. I mean it is only week 3 Open-mouthed smile only 12 more to go.

This up coming week I have to have taken different portrait images and then I get to edit them as well.