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Winning Streak

This Month would have to mark a lot of winnings on my behalf.

I opened my email several times this week and have opened to them being winners in different contests and such.

So far in the Month of May I have won:

A Month Supply of Clif Bars from Clif Bars and Company. I was 1 of 5 selected the first week of their Epiphany Contest.

$25 Gift certificate to Red Envelope from Lindor’s Chocolate

$25 off a $50 purchase to Red Envelope from Lindor’s Chocolate

A Kings Cookbook from Wholly Guacamole

2- $1 coupon off of bag of Oberto Beef Jerky from Oberto

4- Oberto mp3’s from Oberto

1- Oberto Jerky Kalideoscope from Oberto

1- Oberto Jerky Frame from Oberto

4- mp3’s from Congara

40 mycokereward points from Subway BattleShip

everyday about the same time of the day I go to:

from here I click on each one of the links in the list and I either win or I don’t.

there are also a page of contests:

these use Rafflecopter for entries. perhaps one of the better ways I would have to say to enter the contests.

I love using Clair Freebies Blog for the latests freebies, giveaways, and coupons.

The Blog is kept up to date and I praise the time and work put into keeping them up.

I hope the blog sometime gets to see this Smile


First time doing one of these reviews. I am really excited for the chance to win one free game that you can download from Big Fish Games themselves.

If I won I would probably go with one of my classic favorites. I would go for most likely Bookworm Deluxe. It is a game that I can not just put down once I start playing it. Until I lose that is.

Anyways there are 5 more days left in the contest. A total of only 132 entries. So the chances are good!

Everyone get your chance at winning this giveaway by entering here:

just follow the Rafflecopter and get in your entries!

End of the Year

16 weeks later and it is the end of the semester.

I know for a fact I have 1 A in on of the 5 classes and possibly another 2 A’s

I may expect a C in my Biology class because im just so sick of take that class

maybe it had to do with the 10,000 miles I did back and forth between that class and home…

I am not sure but I am so glad I get to be done with school and now it is time to get working

on looking for a job. So far I have downloaded applications for Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Home Depot, and possibly I will get to apply to the library in the next town over.


for now I am just happy that I can relax for a little while and still look for these jobs. It makes me happy honestly to be getting another job and on top of babysitting I really hope to go and get an apartment in the fall.

yesterday marked 9 months with Stephen and I could not be happier!

Sexy, Timid, Elegant, Playful, Handsome, Eager, Nice

all words that can explain how I think of him Smile

I love him ^-^