As a Bzzagent, BiC has allowed me to try a new razor of theirs.

It is called Soleil Savvy. I already am a huge fan of the Soleil series and now I get to try out their new “replaceable head” and “disposable” razor.

I received this Campaign package on Saturday.

For this Bzz Campaign I have received the Razor package that comes with the handle and 4 replaceable razor heads. I love how the razor handle feels right at home in my hand and the pivoting of the head allowed for a really close shave that I personally have only gotten with the Bic Soleil brand. But this shave just felt a lot smoother than normal. I did not have bumps or irritation after the shave neither did I have to go back through because I missed a section. This razor did not even seem to get clumped up with hair either so I am giving them a really good rating in my book. Another good thing is that they come with the 4 replaceable heads so this just one razor for me is going to last a couple months!

Along with the razor package. I also have received a handful of coupons which I have already gone and talked to my 2 sisters, my mother, and even the mother that I babysit for. They are aware that I am a Bzzagent and that I received this razor free. They were also very excited to see such a high value dollar coupon ($3.00 Dollars off the Soleil Savvy Razor).The mother that I babysit for even went out that day and text me the same day that she only ended up paying about 3 dollars for hers after the coupon. She also did like the feel of the shave after she first used the razor. 

I am glad that I was able to spread more word this time through this campaign because during the summer no one wants to be stuck wearing just pants!