This week I have been super mega busy. I started a new job on Sunday so its been rather befuddling to me. Technically for us working if you start Sunday night it is called your Monday. Right now being a trainee is working on getting the processes down good. I had to learn a lot of things my first day. Timing of the placing of meat, cheese, and candy were key. But you also needed to take inconsideration that you need time to grab the product too. I think the cheese would have to be the hardest because it comes stacked and you need to break that stack in half and then place in the holes before it switches on you. I sometimes fall behind so I let a couple run by me and then place when I am most confident.

Other jobs you might have to do is harp (cut) the cheese. or you have to unwrap stacks of 5 pallet crackers and pick up flimsy trays of crackers to the rack and close it to flip over into the vibrator. I like harp better than crackers which is opposite of most employees.

The uniform is so much more complex then I would have to say a construction worker. I wear steel toe boots, jeans, T-shirt, sweater, smock, plastic apron, Nitrile gloves, safety goggles, and a hardhat. oh and your badge/ID.

Working here for the week has taught me a lot. my back at first started hurting in just the first hour but as time went on I got better so by 6 A.m.  my back was just a small twinge which was not as bad.  My feet the first couple nights were massively dead and sad by the end of the shift. I could not be more glad to get my steel toes off. your hands sometimes also get stiffened.

When I get home Ill either eat or sleep. Not much more because I am so tired when I get home. Typically I sleep anywhere from 6-8 hours maybe more if it is allowed. I end up taking pain killers and anti inflammatory. they help ease the pain, stiffness, and swelling that my feet and hands and back endure.

Overall I think this week is rather a successful. I got a new job and it is something that I think I can find myself doing for a while maybe even forever. We shall seeā€¦Also working makes it hard for me to be online because I sleep a lot and work a lot. Ill try updating as I can.