Today is 12/22/12

The day after the world was suppose to end. We all lived no surprise here lol!

Anyways with this week off there is just so much that is going on!

I am at my grandmothers house today not sure if we are doing Christmas or just visiting for the day.

Sunday I am going to my future grandmothers house for Christmas at her house with my boyfriend.

Monday we (my sisters and boyfriends that can) are going to my fathers house for Christmas.

Tuesday is Christmas at mothers and I guess grandmas from my stepfather and mom’s side are coming

Then I am planning to go to Wal-Mart and hit all the clearance racks! I love the day right after Christmas when

they have their Christmas sales. Most of their sales include all Christmas items or gifts are 50% off or more!

That is my favorite time of the year.

Saturday then we are going to my grandmother’s on my stepmothers side for our last Christmas I am sure of!


I love cooking Christmas cookies and such.

We did make over 4 dozen sugar cookies and Gingerbread cookies

nothing ever lasts too long here at home. between my brother and sisters.

Stale gingerbread cookies are great they taste like Gingersnaps and I am such a hog when it comes up to that lol!


Mosaic Photo puzzles are really  a pain in the rear Sad smile

Mom’s Snoopy Mosaic photo took a while.

Now she has brought home a mosaic John Deere tractor puzzle. These pictures are smaller than the Snoopy images…the light is inconvenient too it just adds so much glare.


I shall report back after the first few rounds of Christmas’s!!!