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Taking this class really has its benefits but at the same time In find the class to be rather boring? It is so rather boing Smile with tongue out but I do learn some new stuff. I guess that is what I get when I have more then enough experience on the camera. But I do enjoy the teacher very much. Sometimes in my head I really hope that some class she could maybe suggest something a little more difficult for me to do in the class. The basics are just well just slow and I highly dislike the ability to look at them at such a basic level. But she has really great points. Open-mouthed smile

So far we had to choose 4 pictures and then do very basic editing to them. I went and I ended up doing a few more editing steps and hopefully she does not take off for that. I then went ahead and messed around with a few of the other pictures I have them but I do not have to turn them in.

I really do not like working in more then just a group with Stephen and myself. but I guess today I will be going and doing some portrait shots with a stronger light and we have to work in groups of 3 “sad face” im very antisocial in these classes I feel XD.

bad enough that we have to do critiques but oh well maybe by the end of the semester I wont be so uptight about talking about my art with other students. I mean it is only week 3 Open-mouthed smile only 12 more to go.

This up coming week I have to have taken different portrait images and then I get to edit them as well.


First Week

This was the first week of classes. Very long week lol and I only had 3 days worth of classes.

I am on the road for about 6 hours a week and 4 of them are just between Tuesday and Thursday.

I which I had a little bit more time to sleep then I actually do get to sleep but there really is not anything that I can do about. I aim to leave my house around 8-8:10 depends where I am having to drive too. If its Batavia well I like to get there early and that means I get to leave at 8. On Thursday I get to get up at 7. Leave at 8 get to school no later than 9:30 then at 5 at the latest I get to leave and drive to Lima and then I get to go home. Tonight I more then likely will not be making it home I will end up staying at Stephen’s Grandmothers house. The wind is whippy and its ice on the roads me no like at all.

I think that my Introduction to Digital Photography and Art Appreciation classes are going to be breeze except for traveling to the different areas. I hope that the van can actually handle it. General Biology 2 is going to be alright just not my best forte. I love being able to have the time to do all my homework. I am taking 5 classes and I am tutoring and I am also working. This boils down to driving, attending class, homework, work, sleeping, and when I have time eating.

Today was so stressful to start out with. I had just gotten home around 12:30 am from working, and I could not fall asleep until 1 am. This is when I went and was woken up around 6:30 by an odd buzzing noise and the loss of power. Something between the light fixture and the upstairs was tripping the circuit. We unplugged everything and it still was tripping so we just turned the switch off and it it stopped. Honestly I wish that I knew if the place was going to go down or not. I am hoping that it doesn’t but who knows anymore X’D

Then I had to get gas but I ended up losing my gas money that I was given between class and the parking lot so I could not get gas that I needed to keep the van over half tank. Which I really really try hard to do so it doesn’t eat the fuel like mad. But at the moment I am really hoping that I get paid here soon because my bank account needs it. I have 12 dollars and that is not going to cut it for gas for the week coming up. though I do get a personal day on Weds because the teacher needs to do something so I don’t have to get up that day at all yay!

My oil also needs to get changed but really do not have the money to get it changed. Ive got the filter and I had 1 quart but I was down rather low so I ended up having to use it this morning. After that and a 15 dollar fill up I was able to have a smooth ride to school which helped me relax a lot. Just was not able to get enough sleep for what I wanted lol. I am so glad I only have classes 4 days a week. Helps me a lot.

I have seen so many idiots today it was ridiculous! everyone left and right thinking that they could make the corners before I made it to them. but then they don’t keep their speed up. What’s the point of getting ahead of me? heck a semi truck did that to me today as well…I was trying to get around 2 semis when the second one decided that he wanted to pass the truck ahead of him so he cut of off in front of Pavilion School. So smart.

On the way to Lima the wind was horrendous and it was blowing the snow away which was good but the wind was pushing me 1 way and another it was just rather annoying. Then one time was stressful because the wind decided to change directions fast and it shifted the van over a little bit more than I wanted it to and it was in front of a sheriff I watched him turn the corner and pull into a gas station and turn around I was really hoping that he was not going to get me. But as time passed I saw that he was not after me so I started to relax. just in time for me to stress out again when the red light in Livonia decided to change to red while I was on a slight slope which is not good for me because the van does not like stopping for more then 30 seconds at a light otherwise I run into the problem of it may end up stalling on me. again another thing I need to get fixed on the van but that’s about 200 dollars I do not have at the moment.

I am really really hoping that I get something out of the first cut of checks because then I could get the part sooner than later and then that problem would be fixed and out of the way. that makes me happy if that problem went away. Then to get the oil changed would make the gas run smoother and better. Then I need the tires to stop giving me several different air readings. Morning they are at normal pressure rate then by after noon they look soft so I test them they are down 5 lbs. but then by the time I get home they are back to normal. So I am not sure if I need to get air in them or not. But its making me mad.

Guess I should really stop ranting about my week and my problems and get working on some homework before I go insane X’3. I love you all and my Honey Bee especially!


Pre, Post, and new beginnings

Tomorrow is Christmas. Making tonight Christmas eve. I have had a very long last two days. Least I think so myself. Yesterday, I went to Stephen’s Grandmothers house for lunch and she had something to give me. I ended up leaving with a Walmart card, a mini cast iron skillet, snowman towels, candles and a notepad. Everything was so cute and suiting for me. I loved them all. I used the towels this morning. It was so soft and fluffy to the touch that I really wanted to just roll around in it like a kitty does when its comfy.

Then we left…at the end of her road headed into a 3 way intersection on a hill nonetheless the van decided that it was going to put put and then stall on me. On went the cautions and I told Stephen to get out and push. So that I could possibly get the van to the side of the road. I was so scared because it took me two times to get it to restart. Then I was afraid that it was going to do it again but I still had several other stops to make and I was about 40 minutes from home so that really doesn’t work well lol.

Well it acted completely fine until…I went to turn my third to last turn. It stalled I think a total of four times. Least I was at the intersection stop sign instead of out in the actual road. I just really wanted to get the van back to my mom. Which I did I was glad it didn’t stall on the road I was hoping it wouldn’t. Then moms friend sprayed the carbon buildup out of the intake valve and the van acted like it had absolutely no problems what so ever. So that was the craziness from the van.

Then I ended up spending the night over at Stephen’s where I ended up waking up to dog on my back coco and max are so cute and well behaved I at least think. some of the better mannered dogs I have seen in my life.

Today I drove back over to my moms house and then we took off to go have Christmas with my Grandma. She literally has no snow, she has lights but water got into the outlets and melted all the light fuses so no twinklys. She gave us a lot of popcorn and a lot of goodies. Looks yummy cant really wait to try some of it. But I decided not to at the current time being so that I had something to eat while I am at home.

Now Im sitting on my sisters bed writing this at my fathers house. Tomorrow morning we will be doing Christmas here and then going over to my other grandmas house for a huge family get together. Then Monday Ill go back to moms house and have Christmas there. Tuesday was suppose to go to my grandmas house but mom has to go intern so that got cancelled Weds there is a little get together with moms friend. by then I think that I will seriously be Christmased out for the year. Though I do wish that I could go have Christmas just once more with my Grandma that passed back in 2006.

I am really hoping for some videogames, Because I have beaten all of my video games and there is nothing else left for me to do except try to get all of the Trophies. I have beaten Rockband 3, and Uncharted 1, 2, and 3. So now I am hoping to get something to play. Stephen is also hopefully going to let me borrow Dragon age or something else to play lol.

I want to wish everyone a safe and happy Holiday and to behaved!

I love you Zabby ❤

Snow, Holidays, and Cookies

Going on 7 days before Christmas, I have seen little to limited snow here in New York. I really do not mind not seeing the snow, but I would really like to have some snow on Christmas. Otherwise it just is not the same to me. This winter has been really mild in the cold white wet stuff. I think that there should at least be enough one day so that I can make my snow angel and snowman for the year. Then it can go and warm up just enough to act like a nice Spring day. Personally I love the winter but lately its been just a tad way too cold for me to actually enjoy the season even though winter does not start until Thursday of this week.

The holidays sort of so far well Ill break it up. At home its been hectic and there has been a lack of peace in the house unless a certain person is outside or at work. Always complaining and making it his issue or complaint even though there really is not anything wrong with anything… The last week or so he has been rather anal about everything. If you are in his way in the slightest way possible, he storms off for a couple hours then comes back and tries again. If your in the way again…then basically he turns into a grizzly bear you just took a salmon from if not worse. Though he does a lot of yelling at mom and that is just really starting to piss me off… Just nothing I can do about it because I have been told time and time again while growing up that I need to mind my own business. I just can not help to think that I should someday show him a piece of my mind…but I wont until I see it fit.

I do however get to spend the Holidays with great company. My boyfriend and I just like to say that Dec. 12th was four months and I really can not wait for every other anniversary. Each day we spend together seems to be better than the last. Even though I love them all. Smile I love him too. Smile I really can not wait to see his reaction to some of the stuff because I think it looks awesome Open-mouthed smile.

This Friday we will be going up to his grandmothers house to have a small get together up there for the holidays. Then on Saturday we will be going to my grandmas on my moms side for another get together. After that Ill be going to my dads and he will be going home for the night at least. Sunday the day of Christmas. I will be having Christmas at my dads, then to my grandmas on my step moms side. Then I will be going home Monday morning to go have Christmas with my mom and family. This may seem like a lot of Christmas but when your 21 or any age really and have Christmas split between the two families it is just a lot of traveling. You get what you get no matter how big or small really.

To be honest I really could care less about getting stuff for the holidays. I just love spending the time I do with family. It is the thought that counts really.

I have been really busy baking the last couple days. And today it continues. I need to finish rolling out all the gingerbread men and yes I am going to make a couple gingerbread cats. Only because I think they look so cute.  A couple days back I made about 9 dozen or so rolled sugar cookies. I still do though want to make the no bake cookies. Those are my favorite to make! Well those and the peanut butter balls those are so yummy to make! Now I am making myself hungry while still laying here in bed this morning.

Ooooooooooooo… and before I leave this entry. I must say I am getting really antsy about what I got in my classes for Grades. The teachers have until Wednesday to post up their grades. The wait is agonizing but I can wait. I just really want to know what I had gotten. That is all Open-mouthed smile. I think that I had a pretty successful semester staying at home fulltime online. I liked the work load personally.

I also finished the Uncharted Series 1-3 within a complete month. This week my goal if I can is to go through collect treasures and get more trophies for treasures and possibly other achievement goals. I also really would like to beat all of moon diver. I have 2 trophies from that so far and I think that I need to get more! I have no trophies in Lemmings so I need to figure out how in the world to get that one because it is a difficult game to me to figure out completely.

Rock band 3 I took a break from for a while after receiving a gold trophy for the endless set list III that has you do all of the original songs that come on the game. Which for me it was either 83 or 85 I cant remember. But you have to do them all in one sitting. You can not like shut the game off completely and stop for a while though I found that while on the results page if you walk away for a small break or something it makes playing all those a lot easier. I have 44% of those trophies.

Not sure what I am going to be doing today really. I need to roll out cookies and I want to play video games. I mean with the end of semester and me being on vacation from babysitting there just is nothing really for me to do. I mean the computer is just not enough anymore. I find myself unable to veg on the computer all day anymore. Though I can play video games for a good amount of time. Maybe I shall go play cogs or some game that I found on Playstation Home. It’s a cool game me likey it. Smile

Well I love you and there is nothing you can do about it lol

Have a safe Monday and watch out for those pies today!

Ill update you later this week about my school grades Open-mouthed smile

Concert, Halloween, and Plans.

Well its November 5th, 2011 and I think that it is time that I update Smile

Went to another concert 2 weeks after the Uproar Concert. It was a Foo Fighters concert up at the First Niagara Center in Buffalo. This building use to be called the HSBC arena but since then was renamed. I had a really great time watching and listening to Mariachi el Bronx, Rise Against, and The Foo Fighters. I was more psyched to see Rise Against though then the rest of the bands. Our seating was a little on the nerve racking though. There just was like a knee high concrete wall that would protect us from falling into the next section that was below us. But from where we were sitting we had a direct view of the stage and I mean the whole stage. It was awesome. I purchased 2 matching Rise Against rubber bracelets. And then my boyfriend also bought a poster of the Foo Fighters. We ended up having to leave before the Foo Fighters were finished because they were going to play for 3 hours straight and we had to go to school the very next day. But I can tell you that it is not going to be the last concert that I ever went too. I had a lot of fun. Smile

320013_2303200531850_1004314187_2662304_1779163802_nThese were all people in the crowd.

Halloween I had my boyfriend over and we dressed up as in a way each other.

He fit in my dress perfectly and it filled out his figure almost too well lol.

He made the cutest girl ever with a mustache and such. I did his nails and I did his makeup even.100_4448100_4385100_4399

He on the other hand he drew on a mustache beard combo thingy. I also wore his jacket and my brothers hat to hide my hair. I find it funny how I turned out in the long run. But I did have fun dressing up like him. Smile



My sister dressed up like Cindy Lauper. She made her costume by hand and I think that it turned out really awesome rather creative I would have to say. My brother dressed up as the Scream for the 3rd year in a row but because he is so tall he pulls it off so so well. Smile


We all had a fun time carving pumpkins too Smile with tongue out


Let’s just say that Our pumpkins were odd together but we had fun and glad that the wind died down sort of because we were able to keep the candles lit throughout the night. I made the Kitty face and a few of the smiles. My boyfriend carved the Giant heart and the white pumpkin. My brother did the small pumpkin that was on the milk jug he did a good job Smile.



For our 3 month anniversary we plan on going to see Jack and Jill. Which is Adam Sandler’s newest movie coming out that is him playing as himself and his twin sister. Then we want to go to Applebee’s. They have amazing!!!!!!!! mozzarella Sticks and they are filling Smile for 6.99 you get 10 of them which around here is a good price for them. They are decently priced because at school you have to pay 3.75 for 5. Or at Arby’s you have to pay 4 dollars and you only get 4 small ones. so we both agree that the ones at Applebee’s were one of the best ones ever.

We also plan on watching Breaking Dawn and Happy Feet Two the same day. Which is the next weekend after that. I hope that we can go to that on the day we planned though Smile

I also have to go to an art gallery of sorts. And my teacher said that Corning Glass museum was alright even though he really would rather us to go to a bigger one. But because of where I live I explained to him and he told me that the Glass Museum was okay to go to. I have a bring 1 adult in for free postcard which is good on my part Smile because even with the admission I still get a lower price with my student ID.

So I have a really busy month ahead I would have to say. Also I will be joining my boyfriend and his family for Thanksgiving this year. And he will be going to my house for Christmas. And I am sort of hoping New Years as well.

Well I’m all done talking about what has happened and what is going to happen soon so Ill end here with a I love you my Boyfriend and I love anyone else that decides to read my blog.

Lets make an UPROAR

Went to my first concert yesterday, September 10th, 2011. It was part of the Rockstar Energy Drink UPROAR festival.  Held at the Darien Lakes Performing Arts Center. I needed to go to 2 concerts for my History of Rock and Roll class. So with my Boyfriends help of finding the concerts we bought tickets for the UPROAR fest. and the Foo fighters concert (later this month). We spent about 150 dollars a piece together on both of the tickets. We paid for Darien Lake park admission so we were actually able to go on a few rides. <—that was funny though.

He had never been on very many rides. So I took him on the Ferris Wheel. The Ferris Wheel is considered one of the worlds Tallest wheels. He was rather nervous once we got to the top so he death gripped around me and I held his hand. lol Once the ride made one turn all the way around he felt better because it was a really gentle ride. So we ended up getting stopped almost at the top. That is when we took some pictures it was cool Smile 100_3663 

Then he decided that he was going to be smart and look down while we were stopped Smile with tongue out I thought that it was really cool because of the shadow the sun created through the wheel itself. 100_3667

After that we went and rode on something like a Parasol ride and it felt like we were going to hit either a tree or end up with his foot hitting the ride manager. The seatbelt was the most ridiculous thing ever. We ended up having to suck in and stop breathing to buckle it and then it did so we had such a fun time there.

We went on the bumper cars and that was fun. He tried for the whole time to catch me but I in the end ended up hitting him in the back while we were stopping. I had a lot of fun! 100_3671100_3672100_3673This was the most amazing lunch but also the most expensive I have ever paid for 2 large curly fries with cheese and 2 large cokes. <—21.10 for all that. But I suppose that is where they get their money a lot of the time though.

Then it was time to go wait to go inside so I snapped a shot of the tickets because we need proof for our class that we actually went. So I took pictures so many many pictures. I enjoyed about 98% of the day. The other 2% was divided up by 1.) Standing in line for over 45 mins to get Escape the Fate’s Autograph and I was 4th person in line and they shut the gate on a 12 year old up in the front. This made so many people mad. I bought their CD, and I also bought Stephen a Three Days Grace CD which he was lucky enough to actually get his autographed. But I still had a lot of fun. 2.) I was just too hot and I got cranky after having stood on my feet from 2-5 or longer. But we werent moving so it felt so much worse than it actually was. 3.) I had soaked my shirt so badly it was like a sweat shower and I felt/ looked so gross. XD

But I had such a great time getting to be there with Stephen :3

09101116370910111637a The bracelets were to let us in to get the autographs but once you got it you lost your bracelet they cut it off and threw it away. Nah… I kept mine because I didn’t get the autograph but I still like the band so I kept it.

I have not really mentioned anything about the lineup or anything so I will do that now.

First to start off was the winner of a local Battle of the Bands, that band was called Cry to the Blind and they sounded really really good live. Then there was Hell or Highwater, Black Tide, Sevendust, and Art of Dying. All pretty decent bands but they sound a lot better professionally altered and slabbed on a CD.

Then we got to go to the big stage and sit in our seats. Then Escape the Fate played all songs that I never even heard of until yesterday. But I guess that is what I get for losing touch with the band after their song, “Situations”. I loved a lot of their new songs though so its all good.

Escape the Fate

Then they did this “Miss Uproar” competition and it was so boringly disgusting XDDDDD…Ill leave it at that *cough dirty tramps cough cough*

Bullet for my Valentine was up next. They played 3 songs I knew, but I could only really tell you one of the names of the songs. Which was Your Betrayal and that was the song they opened up with.

They had an awesome banner. 100_3715

I also enjoyed a few of the songs they played but I did not enjoy watching someone’s butt the time I was sitting down. If I stood up though I could not even see. ._.’’’ I was just to short I was freaking just too short. Even on my tippy toes I was too short. Smile with tongue out

Bullet for my Valentine

After this band was Seether. I knew a few of their songs but not too many. but I did record one of my moms favorite songs for her. even though I missed a few seconds of the beginning. and that I didn’t too well get the whole song I just did a little bit of it. Oh well? Smile with tongue out 



After this band played there was Three Days Grace. I didn’t really get any pictures in of the band playing or anything. But Stephen did go an video tape the whole playing of the band. I thought it was a really good idea of theirs to take and re-sing in their own way one of Eminem’s songs and incorporate it into their own songs. It was about a 50 play time for their performance. They ended up playing 2 encore songs to take the time frame allotted up. Then…There was the band I waited all day to see!!!!!

Avenged Sevenfold!!!! Open-mouthed smile They opened with one of my favorite songs “Nightmare” even though it seemed that the camera really did not like us because it was not even finished with the song and it died on us for the night or at least that is what it felt like Smile with tongue out 



Their Stage was so freaking awesome!!!! It had their Bat Skull image they use in everything but it lit up and there was at different times flames coming from it in different areas. It was the most awesome stage I had seen. The light combinations were so cool too.


just a few of the different color schemes for their show. I tell you after they played Nightmare, and a couple other songs. The singer was talking about how they were all depressing sounding, and how it was time for a love song. They explained about the guy proposing and the girl denying etc…Stephen had a hunch it was that song I caught on after they said that the guy stabbed her and ripped out her heart. It was well at least to me my favorite song of theirs. It is called “A Little Piece of Heaven”. Such a good song. Having the crowd chant, “Eat it, Eat it” was so funny but we actually sort of knew that it may happen like that.

Such good song good animations.

This entry is just so long already I may as well just end it =3

I had just such an amazing time with Stephen and I am very Thankful that my Friend Kathy was able to drive us there. I actually paid for her admission into the park so she had something to do for the day while we were there from 12 til almost after 11:30. I just had a great time and I am so very happy that I was able to enjoy my first concert experience with Stephen Open-mouthed smile it was so fun ^_^

Random 37

1.)What is your favorite thing about yourself? My favorite thing about myself would have to be my hair and eyes but personality wise im funny witted.

2.) If there was one thing about your past that you could change, what would it be? meeting my current love sooner possibly back in highschool. :3

3.) What is the happiest moment in your life? The night he asked me out under the stars around the campfire I would have to say.

4.) What is your dream? meeting the guy of my dreams (check), getting married, settling down have up to 2 kids and a dog and kitty would be awesome dreams.

5.) If you could bring 5 people to a deserted island, who would you take and why? Mom-shes got the smarts of parenting, Dad-he is awesome at trouble shooting and fishing, Stephen-my lover no further explanation needed, hmmmm Neevah the 5 year old I babysit because shes full of life and rambunctious, Grim Reaper- make friends with him to start killing the dreaded ones.

6.) Have you ever been in love? Yes I thought I was with a previous relationship but with my current one I am so ever in love with him.

7.) Are you still in love? Yes, Yes I am in love still. Always will be and always want to be

8.) Do you want to kiss that person you love? Yes I do and I would love tooo right now but its going to have to wait til this weekend. 😡

9.) What if he was right behind you right now? I would honestly tackle him down into my bed and nuzzle into him smiling. and then probably kiss him until I got sleepy XDDD

10.) What if my real name was Frank? well…that name runs in my family so I don’t mind it?

11.) What if your real name was Frank? I would most likely be not be.

12.) Do you want to answer the next question? Yes I will ^-^

13.) Can you tell I am running out of questions to ask you? very

14.) What is your favorite animal? I love narwhals o-o

15.) What is your favorite color? Switches a lot lol I would love to say at the current moment it’s a dark blue.

16.) Who is your favorite teacher high school or college? Mrs. Mark from 9th grade english. ❤ her to death and she loves me still remembers me because she is my sisters FYE teacher XD

17.) If you could be one place anywhere in the world right now where would you be and why? Where ever my Stephen would be is where I love to be.

18.) Have you ever heard of that famous artist Stephen Andrew Morsch? no, but I know that he will be one day, I love his artwork even though he is a bad self critic.

19.) Did you know he is in love too? yes yes I did Open-mouthed smile

20.) Guess who it is? um a wild guess its me Smile with tongue out

21.) What is your favorite flavor of ice cream? My favorite ice cream flavor is plain soft vanilla

22.) Are my questions stupid yet? nopes

23.) Are you getting bored of them? no not really

24.) Are they annoying? you basically said the same thing 3 times hahaha…

25.) What do you have to say about your boyfriend who lives 5 minutes away from you? I love him, he is awesome, amazing, handsome, and kind and caring, talkative that I really love that he talks a lot because sometimes I have nothing to say but if he says something really random well it helps XD

26.) Do my questions suck? no they don’t Smile with tongue out

27.) Have I asked too many yet? I don’t think so >>

28.) Can I ask a few more? very possible Smile with tongue out

29.) Are you laughing yet? well yes I am because your so funny on the screen.

30.) What kind of house would you want to live in? something modest, nothing oversized, nothing that I cant afford, something that can be paid off before I’m dead. X’D, 2 story house or a 1 story house. I rather have a house one day even if I start out in an apartment.

31.) What do you see in your future? Happiness, a good job, a caring husband, and 2 wonderful kids ;3

32.) Who do you see in your future? Stephen Winking smile

33.) What is your favorite flavor of pie? Pizza pie count? I don’t really care for anything else

34.) Do you like extra cheese pizza? No…I love it Open-mouthed smile

35.) Do you like pacman? It is rather addicting I have to say Smile with tongue out

36.) What is your favorite video game ever? My favorite video game of all time hmmm would probably have to be Devil May Cry 3… Or Rockband 3

37.) What final comments might you have? I loved these questions, no I am not going to make a youtube video about them xDDD. Maybe if my friend comes up with some other questions. I would pair them together with yours. Like mash up the questions.


Smile with tongue out if you have any problems, questions, comments feel free to post them below Open-mouthed smile

Times 6 plus 3 to me isnt 18

The meaning to this title well. XD

I am currently taking 6 online classes this semester for a total of 18 credits. IF, I pass all of the classes I will only need 1 credit to be considered to graduate. But I still need to return back to school next spring because I need to take Calculus 2, Chemistry or Biology and more English?

But because I am taking online classes this semester, I was able to stay home, which means that I was able to keep my babysitting job. I have been watching them since I had turned 14. When I first started with the family. I had only 2 children to watch. They were the ages of 3 and 1. The baby was in diapers and the 3 year old was going through the “I hate clothes” phase. Soooo Cute Smile

I currently am 21-years-old. I still watch the same family. but now they have 3 beautiful children. Whom are now the ages of 5, 7, 9. <—They did the ages on purpose but I think it is so cool. Last year the couple after 10 years got married. On 5/15/10. yes they also did that on purpose. Little did they know that they got married on my sisters birthday. Well they are all girls. The oldest looks like her grandmother, the middle looks like a mixture of her mother and father, and the youngest has her father written all over her.

Mom likes to say its time to leave them and find another job. But honestly I would love to just continue watching them until the parents deem them old enough to stay home alone. Right now I would not consider them even close to being ready. I hope that I have like another 3-4 years with them? That is if I haven’t left the roost yet myself. But if I do end up leaving home Ill miss them but Ill be okay. Because Ill have the love of my life with me hopefully. In love 

So to say Times 6 plus 3 is not equal to 18 well its so true I’m not splitting myself into 18 pieces. More or less I have 4 main pieces. Classwork, Love, Work, Chores. I know I know I put love 2nd but I believe that school work needs to get done in order to accomplish a lifetime goal. I want to be the 2nd family member to graduate College. Open-mouthed smile Mother was the first one to graduate from high-school and college from her side of the family. So I want to continue and keep that going as long as I can possibly. Hopefully the economy is not completely shot when I am sending my children off to school themselves.

Well Keep posted! I will be posting again real soon about last Saturday’s Adventure to Frontier Field to watch the Red Wing’s Game!

I Love you all and any thoughts, comments, or questions feel free to post down below.

Honey Bee <—has more than one meaning but I love you Open-mouthed smile



I really have a lot to say lol.

So yesterday was Sunday, August 21st, 2011. Mother and I were just about to leave to go clean up the Naples Ambulance Base which she does normally by herself but I wanted to help her so she was not there all day. As we were getting into the van (I wanted to say car but its not a car technically its classified as a truck) I look into the front of the driveway and there is my father. Who knows exactly why he was there but eventually it opened up.

Originally I thought he was there because my sister needed her books ordered for College and he was the one who needed to do that. Well I was right in that part but there was more to his visit than what we originally had thought.

As mother, my two sisters and I sat down around dad at the dinner table it was silent. It was going from the back to the other side, my sister, my dad, mother, my other sister, and I. It was so silent that if someone across the street sneezed we could have heard it. Then my father started speaking and that is when the Bombshell was dropped.

He had moved into a new house without telling us. He told us that he wanted it to be a surprise and everything as well. Well the first sister blew up and stormed out of the house, my mother she decided that she was to speak for everyone, and my other sister put her head down and cried. I was utterly speechless really. I had nothing left to say to him.

The look on his face was sullen and sad looking. I knew that inside somewhere he felt that there was going to be crying sometime after he left. But that was not the end of it. My sister that stormed out on us came back inside and blew up at my mother. so on the side there was a fight there brewing and my other sister was just there crying like no tomorrow. I sat there just drawing. I drew to the point where mother and my father both told me to calm down the paper was not going to go anywhere.

Well then I just left I had enough really. Inside I wanted to tell him that todays encounter was the last time that I was going to see him for quite some time because well the house that he moved into was super smaller than what we were use to and the bedroom that my sisters and I would be sharing doesn’t even fit all of our beds… I mean I get the hint…So I decided then that I was done seeing him and his “princess” of a wife for quite some time.

One of the reasons he said he moved was because he was no longer able to walk upstairs. I mean a hip replacement would be a lot cheaper than buying a fucking house!!!

I mean sure the house is beautiful and such it has a lot of land, ponds and such. But that just is not the point. I knew something was fishy when my father and I were at the movies and a friend of his asked how the move was going. I was clueless but he sort of explained it then but told me not to tell anyone? But he told me it would have been years later not a few weeks later. So I got mad about that.

I left the house steaming mad and I sat in the van resting my foot because I have some odd feeling its broken from repetitive usage? I am not really sure anymore with the foot. It feels better when I am not putting any pressure on it. But when you’re a babysitter for 3 young kids its sort of hard to not be on it most of the day.

I watched for anyone coming out. Well mother came out and walked down to the end of the driveway where she and my father came and talked more privately but I watched them from the side view mirrors and I could see the look in my mothers eyes that she was yelling at my father. I then felt bad in a way that my mother was taking it out more on him than we were and we were his daughters not his ex.

Later that night I received an email saying that today was not how he had pictured it. He honestly didn’t think that we would react the way we did. Well I never responded back to him and I don’t think that I even ever will? I am old enough to decide when I am old enough not to see my father. I mean I would love to see him but I really do not want to see his wife. That is where I draw my line.


Anyways I am finished ranting for the evening. I love you all and leave comments below if you have any questions Open-mouthed smile

WOS on the loose.

Well the title explains it all. WOS some might say its short for Waste of Space, or wondering off soon. okay so the last one I just made up. lol. Honestly the only WOS we have here at home is my stepfather. He doesn’t know this but to my family, friends, and myself like to call him the WOS. The standing of WOS for him means Waste of Sperm.

When you first meet him. You’ll see his skinny complexion, stern blue but shaking eyes and super tanned skin. He honestly won’t look you directly in the eyes. Nor will he even say a single word to you. He will seem like a “nice” guy while you are around the first time. The second you leave that’s when the world gets flipped upside down. complains and yells about anything he can find time to talk about.

The second time and every time after that. He tends to open up and make sure that you know that he is “boss” of the house. He will act like a fucking asshole jerk face motherfucking bastard. (sorry for the lingo)…but its what he likes to be like. He will find anything to pick a fight about. You could glance over to him or you could have a hair out of place. And you would be doing it wrong.

Recently, like a month or so ago. I walked out of the bathroom still groggy from just waking up at 6:45 am. I didn’t have my glasses on and I bumped passed my stepfather and said, “Sorry.” over the day as time went on. I got several messages from my mother. She said that I had flipped him off, and that she got yelled at for it because I was being disrespectful and rude to him after all he has done for us.

Then this happened a second time and I wasn’t even home…I swear that man is on crack or a hallucinogen. I mean he has a degenerative nerve disease. That makes his eyes constantly shake. So who knows what all he sees anymore. I don’t trust it?

Suppose I should stop ranting but I won’t. Only because…he is having me pay rent, pay groceries. on top of myself already having to pay car insurance, cell phone, and gas to go places. I earn 400 dollars a month. Cell phone is 35, gas is 20, groceries I pitch 50 every month, and 25 for rent weekly. 400 dollars goes out very fast. So I tend to not pay the 25, but I pay all the rest. but you know its not like im worth shit to him anymore.

I remember some of the days we had….*holds breath* fun *lets it out* as a whole family. But then his son stopped coming around. And I never left the house…which apparently is my fault. I don’t see how it is my fault that I am going to college and Im working… Its not honestly any easier today. He likes to compare me to his life and how things use to be done.

Im sorry but this isnt the 70’s douche…Get over it…Or Ill help you.

I’ve already caught you humping the television, using cooking spray to masturbate, and I am pretty sure that I’ve found your entire stash of porn. You’re a sick man somedays man…

nuff said im done…sorry…